Campbells Rambles Book Review

Campbells Rambles Book Review

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What a book I just read! Firstly I’ve always wondered what’d be like to work a Guide Dog, and even better still, what would being blind and having a mental ailment be like? Firstly though the book’s info says

Campbell’s rambles: how a seeing eye dog retrieved my life DB83921 Fletcher, Patty L.  Reading time: 6 hours, 16 minutes. Read by Suzanne Toren.


A woman recounts her experiences working with a guide dog after using a cane for thirty-one years. Describes the training process, finding a connection with her dog, and the impact on her life after returning home from training. Discusses the effect of her increased independence on personal relationships. 2014

My comments: Firstly congrats on Suzanne Toren! What a way to read the book! what came overall was the surthern accent used throughout the book!  No, I’ve never heard the author’s voice before, but the Tenessee accent really got me into the mind/soul of Ms. Patty Fletcher! Aside from the narration of course, the book itself really kept me hooked! cheering Ms. Fletcher on especially throughout her training with Campbell, and also upom returning home, in trying to get across to her family and friends, not by words alone, but by actions.

Great job!

This is one of those books that left me feeling like maybe sad? You see I’ve got an aunt with Bipolar too, and she’s done things that have hurt us as a family, thus I identified deeply with Ms. Fletcher’s’ comments on the subject; yes those who work with mental ailments (I’m a Psychologist) and moreover who have a family member with them, understand how they don’t do these things intentionally, but rather because of a phase due to the ailment. It left me feeling kind of sad too in that if I tried understanding my aunt before, now with Ms. Fletcher’s testimony, I think I understand her even more!thus this book hit two birds with a single stone:

1.-It gave me a very good idea of what’s like to train and work a Guide dog;

2.-It kind of brought more home than ever how much suffering, and how some people take advantage of those with mental illments.

So Ms. Fletcher good job in spreading the word in these two areas! and I’m already looking forward to your sequel!

So in summary, give this book a read! You won’t regret the experience!

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