Campbell’s Rambles 10/09/2015

Campbell’s Rambles 10/09/2015

Sundown On Campbell’s Corner: In The Campbell Kingdom  

As I sit in my living room on a rainy Friday evening, I am enjoying the peace and quiet of the house, with its creaks and groans, and the sounds of the outside mixed in for good measure. Together they make a nice music for me to write to.  As I enjoy this awesome gift, I also am enjoying the memory of my walk with Campbell earlier just at sundown.  Round sundown this evening as the rain began to fall, Campbell and I decided to take a walk round the property on which we are fortunate to live.  We like to make our way round the house and yard several times a day. During these times, I do not bother to put him in his harness unless the weather is seriously bad, or unless I am feeling especially ill.  On this evening, I saw no need. So off we went. Soon we were making our way round our normal path. As we did so Campbell took care of business along the way. After we’d visited his two most favorite spots in the back yard, we were seriously off on a jolly good sniff fest. Just as we began to make our way between the wooden privacy fence and the house, the rain began to pick up slightly as well as the breeze. Campbell took a large snort of the air, and began to wag his tale. I smiled as I realized how much he was enjoying just being a dog, and thought how much he deserved it after the awesome work he’d done for me earlier in the day. As we walked along I began to hum, and he continued to sniff. We made our way along the edge of our neighbor’s gravel drive which I try not to let Campbell spend too much time on. In all the time we’ve lived here, he has not once parked there, and I’d like to keep it that way. I just know, one day I’ll be walking along, he will need to go, right along that drive, and I’ll have no bag. I hope against hope that doesn’t happen. (Smile)  Anyhow as we made a right turn back in to our yard from the drive the rain began to get heavier still. The drops were getting fatter, and the wind had risen a bit. I however was not bothered by this. A neighbor across the street was hurrying to finish mowing his yard. I don’t think he made it. Soon, Campbell and I sought refuge under the big tree in our front yard. As we stood enjoying the sound of the rain, the mist on our faces from the rain dampened breeze, and the fresh smells of the air, I thought just how awesome my life truly was. No matter the struggles I face each day, I had my Campbell, my home, this awesome yard, and a whole life in front of me left to live. When the rain slacked off a bit we made our way back to the porch, and once the King was settled at my feet, I began to put words to the tune I was humming. Seemed like I’d heard the tune sung in church but couldn’t remember the words, the words were simple.  I won’t bother to share my thoughts as I sung, but as I enjoyed the slow rhythm of the swing, and the gentle patter of the rain, I sang, “Listen to the porch swing.  Listen to the chimes ring.  Listen to King Campbell’s bell ringing.  Hear the rain falling.  Hear my heart calling.  Listen to King Campbell’s bell ringing.  Simple but the words do have deep meaning for many I love.  I was filled with peace, and happiness. So if only for a time, I feel relaxed, happy, safe, and loved.  My animals are sleeping, and outside I hear the distant sounds of the high-school football game letting out and the travelers both by car and foot going home.  It is the wonderful sound of a true neighborhood in which I feel at home, and as if I belong.  It is wonderful to wave and say hello to neighbors and have them return the same in kind. It is nice to walk to the corner market, and be recognized, treated with respect and served quickly and always efficiently.  It is nice to be able to catch the city bus and that the drivers know who you are, and care to know something about you as well.  In short I am truly beginning to enjoy my life here in a whole new way and the walk in the rain somehow put it all in perspective.  I ended the evening outside by enjoying a long chat with my dear and special friend   Bobby and we enjoyed laughing and talking together on the phone.  We told funny stories silly jokes, and enjoyed each other’s company.   It was wonderful all the way around.  When we hung up we were both feeling pretty happy and content, at least from what I was feeling and reading from him, and from my own heart.  I am prayerful I am on the right path, and for tonight believe I am. I am thankful for all I have, and below is my prayer for this night.  It comes from a prayer I wrote earlier in the year. 

“Thank you Goddess for my home, and life. Thank you for the removal temporary or not of all negativity and strife. Thank you for a place to rest my head, and to be safe in while I plan my days ahead. Blessed be to all who have helped to light my way, and reward them hugely in the coming days.  Clear their paths and light their ways, bless them in the most awesome of ways.  To you Goddess my voice I do raise and give you thanks glory, and praise.  Blessed Be to all who are within, and to all who come from without and are accepted.”  

Patty L Fletcher  01/02/2015 

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