Campbell Update

Campbell Update

Hello to all! this afternoon Campbell seems to be resting a bit more comfortably. We’ve enjoyed two brief walks round the yard, and I’m grateful he felt well enough to do that. He is snoring quite loudly and that is a great sign. I have as I wrote in a comment earlier, received his meds, and given his first dose. The Seeing Eye vet is in contact with my vet, and now that The Seeing Eye is getting their fax machine fixed (Thanks Allot Mercury Retrograde!) We’ll get some good info going back and forth between everyone, and hopefully sooner rather than later my boy and I can get back to normal. Whatever that is for us.

I’ve had a side-track event, a small flood in the bathroom. Thought I had a leak, but it turned out that the toilet had over flowed, and I did not realize it. So, we’re rid of the lake in the bathroom, (No! Campbell, I did not create that for your wading pleasure!) and maybe I can sit down with a cup of coffee, and catch up on other’s postings. Thanks for all the continuing support, and blessed be.

P.S.  I sure wish I could trip over some money cause I would love a vacation when all of this is over!!!


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