Campbell ER Vet, Internet and Computer Crash WEEEEE….

Campbell ER Vet, Internet and Computer Crash WEEEEE….

img_0410Good afternoon all!

The last few days have been crazy weird!

First off, my upstairs family neighbors moved, and they had the internet in their name, and I shared cost.

Well, when they moved, I had to get it in my name. Which I’d have done anyhow, had the cable company not had the policy they did.

Because of how our house is set-up, even though it rents separately, the utility and cable companies see it as all one unit, and will not allow two separate accounts.

Well, I have the Utilities all together in the rent, which means property owner has the utilities in her name.

 Now, I’ve got the cable, but when they moved, and I signed on, the transition did not go smoothly.

The first tech that came, did not install right, and so I spent much of the weekend with a signal that came and went.

It went much more than it came.

Well, as if that weren’t enough, my computer took an update, and Crashed! Because the net went out in the middle of the install! YAY!

We having fun yet?

I had to call Microsoft Accessibility to get it straight, in the process I lost files.

YAY! I just started a new business. Hadn’t had time to back a thing up, so I looked real professional huh?

As if all that weren’t enough, yes…There’s more…!

Saturday afternoon, while I had cable guys in and out, Campbell threw up!

He did not just throw up! He threw up and traveled!

All over the house!

Before I could get him caught and tied, it was a mess!

Lucky for me, I had not cleaned my carpets yet. Sheesh!

Well, first I thought he just ate something that did not agree with him, but as the evening progressed he became worse.

By morning on Sunday morning, I knew we were going to ER Vet.

Well, I could not find a soul alive who would answer their darn phone, and far as I know only one who did not had a decent excuse, but, anyhow, I ended up taking a cab.

The place I had to go was way far out of the city. In fact, in another town.

The cab ride cost?


Then the vet charged nearly $300.00 for what was wrong. Tests treatment and all.

Well, had to dip into my rent! So, how am I gonna fix that?

Not sure, but Campbell is doing much better.

He got a shot for nausea. A dose of Sub-Cue-Fluid under the skin, and a script to take this week.

He’s slept a lot today, and I’m getting caught up on stuff I’ve lagged on.

So, how about the rest? How goes it for you?





  1. Glad to know that Campbell is feeling better.

    1. He is doing awesome. We came to our favorite food city deli this morning for breakfast. He is a sleep under the table. Dreaming

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