Calling All Clients, Contributors and Friends and What’s Up with Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue and Me for the Weekend #NewsNuggets #What’sUp

Calling All Clients, Contributors and Friends and What’s Up with Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue and Me for the Weekend #NewsNuggets #What’sUp

Good morning everyone, I hope you’re doing well.

Here, I’m gulping down coffee, gathering last minute items and heading out for another day at the craft fair.

Yesterday I sold out of all my Pathway to Freedom Broken and Healed books and all but one of my Bubba Tails.

I sold three copies of the Visions Anthology I am in and I’ve got buyers for Christmas ornaments already for today.

I forgot how much work goes into one of these things and I don’t know if I was ever aware of how much my supervisor at Contact Concern backed me.

As I was gathering my things yesterday morning, I had a moment of serious doubt.

I didn’t have freebees to handout. I didn’t have anything for the donated door pries but a signed copy of one of my books. I had no banner, no sign and suddenly I felt quite inadequate.

Then, as I began packing my treasures and trinkets into the box alongside my books it hit me, I created every one of these pottery pieces with my imagination and hands. I wrote every word in these books from the very depths of my soul. These were treasures created with the hopes of bringing joy, understanding and hope to those who would buy them and display them in their home or curl up in bed to read.

My doubt flowed away, I knew my Contact Concern people had helped me a lot when I’d published my first book and for that I was grateful.

Because of that time, I now knew how to go and work this table.

I put on a nice pair of pants and sweater brushed and fluffed up my dog, and readied myself for a grand day.

A grand day was had by all and I expect another good one today.

Now to holiday business.

First off the editors have all our material for The Writer’s Grapevine Holiday Extravaganza. In fact, I got some pieces back just the other day.

During the coming week I’ll get them all together in a template and send it over to Two Pentacles.

They’ll do the layout and format and the magazine will go out as planned during the holiday season.

I know we’re all busy with various tasks and celebrations but I’d like to have an end of year holiday gathering for those who work with me in any way.

Clients, contributors, editors and friends. All are welcome.

If you’d like to attend our gathering I need a bit of info so I can schedule.

Via way of email or contact form, depending upon how you’re reading this note, get in touch and include the following things.

First, we need to pick a day.

I’m looking at either the first or second Saturday of December. 5 PM Eastern.

So, please include your name, email address and what day you could attend.

Please let me know no later than Monday November 21.

Do not reply here to let me know.

I’d very much love for us all to get together, check in with one another and maybe do a little marketing planning for 2023.

Well, I’m off. I’ve got time for one more cup of coffee and a game or two of ball with Blue before we go.

Speaking of Blue, he is doing quite well in the crowds and though he enjoys all the attention he was one tired pup when we got home yesterday evening.

He says,

“WOW! It’s hard being so loveable.”


You all have a great day.

May harmony find you and Blessid Be.

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