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Hello, it’s time to begin readying for The Writer’s Grapevine Holiday Extravaganza.
The following guidelines are new so make certain you read them carefully before submitting.
The Holiday Extravaganza will focus on the theme of the holidays you celebrate and the weather season you happen to be in.
I’d like to ask you please not submit work which has previously appeared in the Writer’s Grapevine. I don’t mind whether it’s been published in other magazines or onto blogs, but I don’t want any repeats this year.
I’d like to also ask you make absolutely certain your work is ready to be placed into the magazine upon receipt.
Remember this is a Holiday Extravaganza. Be Festive!
Guest contributions are wanted and welcome. Please share this with your groups and contacts.

The submission deadline is November 15TH. Late submissions may be considered for the Sips of Wine from the Grapevine posted onto my blog, but they will not go into the magazine if they come to me after the 15TH of November.

1. Font size .12, type Calibri.
2. Margins aligned left. *If you indent do not use your spacebar or tab key to do so. Use the setting provide you in your word Notepad or whatever writing application you use. If you need lessons on how to set this in word, please request the Lessons In Word Recording. (Also includes written instructions with hotkeys) There is a small fee.
3. Advert and News Nugget Announcements wordcount 300/500.
4. Author’s Corner, Authors, They’re Only Human, Reading with the Authors, Business Corner, Tip articles and What’s Up letters wordcount 100/1500
5. Poetry Place line count 50.
6. 1 submission per column. Submissions must come attached in a word doc or RTF file and the file title must be the same as the submission title. Adverts are different from announcements.
7. Title, byline, and website centered at the top of your submission.
8. include an author bio of 100 words or less. Bio will not count toward wordcount. Your website should be included in your bio. Do not place it in your byline. All reference and resource links will appear after the main text of your submission unless they’re necessary for instructional purposes and you may include one form of contact.
9. Photos must come in either JPG or PNG files. No PDF and No Zip files please. Please make certain to title each photo file so that it states what is in the photo. (This does not mean putting the photo description in the subject line or body of the email) Photo file title example (Pathway to Freedom Book Cover) No initials or abbreviations please.
Send all submissions to:
Thank you for your compliance with our guidelines and for the privilege of telling the world all about you.

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