California, Here They Come by Abbie Johnson Taylor #SixSentenceThursdayLinkUp #Excerpts #Author’sCorner

California, Here They Come by Abbie Johnson Taylor #SixSentenceThursdayLinkUp #Excerpts #Author’sCorner


Welcome to another edition of Six Sentence Story Thursday Link Up. This week, the given word is “security.” Here is, in exactly six sentences, an excerpt from The Red Dress. Eve has just been notified that her former college roommate Charlene, diagnosed with cancer, is close to the end of her life. Eve and her fifteen-year-old daughter Ashley are getting ready to fly from Denver to Los Angeles to be with Charlene.

You can read this excerpt at the link below.

California, Here They Come #Six-SentenceStoryThursdayLinkUp #Excerpts #Inspiration


  1. I hope you enjoyed today’s excerpt. Thank you for reading.

  2. Another grand post. And since reading yesterday’s post from you, I have to think any info you put into the book concerning Cancer Etc. might have partially come from your own experience.
    Abbie, I must say, I admire the bravery with which you write about different subjects. I read your posts and always walk away a little amazed and with some more information which lets me know you better.
    Thank you for the open honest way you write.

    1. You’re welcome, Patty. I think honesty is important.

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