But Why Mom?

But Why Mom?

The air was warm and filled with the sweet perfume of mown grass and blooming flowers as we walked round the yard on this wonderfully warm spring evening. Campbell sniffed all his favorite spots, and I relished in being able to go barefoot in our clean freshly mown yard.

Our sister plant Lilith was making herself at home by the back steps as we stopped by to say hi and make sure she was settling in OK and all seemed just right in the Campbell Kingdom to King Bubba until we stepped back through the door and I said…

“Nope, not snack time yet, and not bedtime yet either Bubba. See, the sun is still out, and the birds are still singing high in the sky. We’ll stay up a while yet and have another park time just before book and bedtime around 9.”

“Sneeze! Shake! Stomp! But, Mom! It’s hangout time, book, and snuggle time.”

“No. Bubba. We only do that this time of night in the winter when it’s cold and gloomy out.”

“Shake! Sneeze! But, Mom, we always do it. I want to snuggle. We must! I don’t like this. Why will the sun not go down? Why will the birds not hush, and why oh why will you not lay and rub my belly while we read about Jack Jr. and all his spying friends?”

“Poor Bubba.” I said as I began checking my email for the last time of the night. “He just doesn’t understand the time change at all, and he is not enjoying all this extra daylight.”

I never thought that the summertime would pose a problem for my boy, but it surely has. He’s gotten used to early bedtime and reading until late into the night, and he doesn’t appreciate daylight savings time at all. For his part it could get dark at 5 like always so that when we went out at 7:30 he could call it a night.

I suppose animals are just like people in that they don’t do well with a change in their routine, but I must make hay while the sun shines, as they say, and King Bubba is just going to have to deal with it.

“Thump! Plop! Shake! Sneeze!” Is his response to my thoughts, and so as the sun goes down, and I get just a bit more work done, Campbell waits.

How about you? Do your animals mind the changes summer brings? Campbell used to not care one way or the other, and I never knew that this would bother him so.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section so please do let me know.

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PS. King Bubba here, anyone want to go read a book? I’ve got a belly that really does need rubbed.

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  1. Patty, The only thing I’ve ever noticed, and it has been consistent through five dogs, is the response to a new supper time. Supper for Mo is 6 pm. In spring it’s no issue; we spring forward so 6 pm is now 7, and I feed them at what used to be 5.

    “Good deal, Mom. I like eating early. Maybe if we make it early enough, we can have time for another meal between supper and bedtime snack!”

    Fall comes, and we fall back. 6 pm becomes 5, and we don’t feed till what used to be 7. That is another story. The old 6 pm arrives, and there’s no supper.

    “Hey, I’m starving here.”

    “It’s not time yet. We changed the clocks.”

    “ Nobody asked me if I wanted to change the clocks. Nobody gives it a second thought if I have to wander about with an ache in my belly that threatens to knock me out.”

    “OK, here’s what we’ll do. I’ll feed you a half hour early.”

    “Early? How is that a half hour early? I’m already eating late. I should be eating at 4 at the latest.”

    “You’ll get used to it. Doesn’t Mama give you treats?”

    “ Oh, right, a tiny little treat with less calories than it takes to process. Look, I’m feeling really weak. I can’t continue this discussion. Just remember, I warned you. You’re going to feel terrible if I drop dead just because of you and your stupid clock.”

    1. Hi Donna. Yes, food time can be a real issue. Campbell especially doesn’t like it when his food time is interrupted.

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