Busy Day Ahead and I Just Wanta Stay In Bed! #Journal #OnlineMagazine

Busy Day Ahead and I Just Wanta Stay In Bed! #Journal #OnlineMagazine

Good morning everyone.

Today is one of those days when I wish I could just crawl back into the bed, curl up with my stuffies, and go back to sleep.

Last night, I was up until nearly midnight. Why on earth do we always seem to stay up later than we should when we know good and well that we must get up early and be out of the house near the beginning of the day?

First, I worked later yesterday afternoon than I’d meant to on my manuscript. My two proofreader/editors have gone through the thing and now I’m going through it yet again, and believe it or not, I’ve found a few things here and there that need a closer look. But, I meant to knock off from that thing about 2 so I could get my email caught up and then have an early supper so I would be ready to proofread The Writer’s Grapevine when Claire had it ready.

Well, I didn’t knock off until nearly 4. I hurried up and went to make supper, and decided while it was cooking, I’d read mail.

OK. Great plan, except…

When I went back to get my supper out of the oven, I found it still half frozen on top of the stove. “ARK!” I yelled. “I forgot to put the blasted thing in!”

So, into the oven it went and back to the email I flew.

Finally, supper was done, and just as I started eating my messenger notification went off and Claire was telling me the GV was ready for me to have a look.

I shoveled down my supper and was soon hard at work which took a while because The Writer’s Grapevine Samhain Edition was a monster this month.

Finally, it was ready to send back to Claire. She made a few adjustments and about 9:30 or so last evening it made its debut.

Well, unfortunately not everyone who gets the magazine has signed up to my Writer’s Grapevine group yet, so it had to go several places. (Patty wishes everyone would subscribe to the blasted group!)

Anyhow, by the time all that was done, it was going on 10:30 and I still had emails that needed answering.

Finally, at nearly 11:30 I was done and then…

“GROWLWLWL!” My stomach was telling me that I’d not eaten enough supper and so back to the kitchen I went. Bad idea I know, but I cannot sleep with a GROWLWLWLING stomach.

Once that beast was quieted, with eyes that refused to stay open one more moment I fell into bed.

Now, here I am in the early morning up and readying for what promises to be a busy day.

A live radio interview at 10, then two Zoom events in the afternoon.

Well, here I go! Off to the bathtub for a quick wash with hopes that it will help me wake up and get my head on straight before I must dash away out the door for the bus.

So, what are you up to?

Have you ever found yourself having stayed up too late the night before a busy day?





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“Hi Patty,

Thank you so much for the Writer’s Grapevine copy! I’m humbled by how much you all do. And, while all articles were amazing, I particularly loved Phyllis’ one on harmony. So was Trish’s tale of the two cousins, of course fun and sweet.

Nicholas C. Rossis, award-winning author


Contributor/Reader Grapevine Review…

by Trish Hubschman

Three words: I love it! I look forward to reading The Writers Grapevine every month, in fact, I read June’s issue the day after it was posted. Patty adds a special touch to the magazine that I’ve never seen done before. She introduces the next act on the playbill and comments to each piece afterwards. It’s as if she’s sitting beside me and we’re chatting. This makes me smile! The same holds true for the contributor letters. It’s as if the writers are talking directly to the readers. It gives a warm and personal touch.

On a scale of 1-10, I give The writers Grapevine an 8.

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  1. barbaraspencero Reply
    October 29, 2020

    loved the bit about not putting on the oven – I use a steamer and my favourite drama takes place when I’m steaming vegetable and the phone rings, I get chatting and forget and the water boils dry- which makes the house smell burnt for the entire evening.

    1. Ah! That good old delicious order of Burned Vegies.

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