Burkeville Lodge

Burkeville Lodge

Hi, before I post the following AD I’d like to say I sat down, and called these good folks at the Burkeville Lodge, and had a wonderful conversation with Richard Stone. I am in the process of making reservations. Richard and I visited on the phone together, yes, visiting is what it was like, for about an hour or so. We talked about the Lodge, how it got its start, and all about what it offered, the atmosphere, and all. It sounds like just my kind of place. From the Delicious sounding meals, to the Wickedly Wonderful Pool Parties,

Margaritas included… Well, I’m going. If all goes well, Campbell and I will go on Labor Day of 2017. I’m in discussion mode with them now, via Email. At just $40 or so,per night, meals included, well, We’re there… See the AD and Join us!

Burkeville Lodge in Burkeville, VA.

This Lodge is a low cost retreat for blind and visually impaired persons. If you like good food, companionship, games, fishing, boating, swimming or just plain gossiping, let me tell you about our lodge. We have private and semi private rooms with walking trail and handrails. We have some of our members bring their musical instruments and play a song or ten. We are a 501 c 3 company with no government help. We depend on lion’s clubs, death bequeaths, donations, a yearly yardsale and silent auction to keep us going. Call me, Richard stone, at 757 468 0277 for more info or email me at rwstone48@verizon.net. Or you can call our office 434 767 4080. and leave a message. Someone will return your call.

We are wi/fi equipped and have a selection of games and books. All rooms have small refrigerators, too. Come and join the fun. Call early to make your reservations. We have a group of sighted people, too. We also rent the facility for reunions and organization meetings and luncheons. So, come on and give me or the lodge a call.


Does that not just sound awesome? Richard, Mr. Richard Stone that is,  says it is all accessible for Blind Folk, but that of course All Are Welcome!!! I cannot wait!

On the weekend, we’re to go they’re having their Silent Auction. This is what attracted me to travel there during that time. Silent Auctions have always posed a challenge for me, what with my being blind. So, I asked him, “Richard, how does the Silent Auction work?” Well, he had a fabulous explanation. It sounded just awesome, and furthermore, like something I’d want to both experience and write about.

Stay tuned for updates, as time draws near…





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