Bubba Tales – Part 6

Bubba Tales – Part 6


Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye

Written By,

Patty L. Fletcher

Told By, Campbell Lee Seeing Eye Dog AKA Bubba

Spring and Summer 2016


### 6. Back At The Seeing Eye, and the Final Journey To Kingsport, the Faraway Land

After all the puppies had gotten a drink and a snack, they all settled back in a circle round King Campbell. Finally when all was quiet he again began to speak.

Now let us remember that Mommy and I had been on a big plane, and that we were supposed to have gone to the far away land where Mommy lived, but there had been storms, and so we were going back to The Seeing Eye for another night. I knew this would be hard. Mommy and I had already begun to work on getting used to being on our own, and now here we were going back again.  Soon we were all settled back at the school. For some reason we never knew, they put us in a different room than the one we’d lived in before.  This did confuse me and my mommy just a bit, but we decided that as long as we were together we were ok. To make sure we did not get lost from one another, and to help one another feel safe, Mommy put my leash on me, and kept me with her all the time we were up and about.

As we settled in again, I realized that I could not smell anything of Trainer Drew except for his left over scent. As we walked down the hall passed the one we’d lived on while we were in class together, I turned my head that way and gave a big long loud sniff. My mommy, being the smart mommy she was figured out what I was trying to find out.

“Oh! Bug!  Trainer Drew is not here. I know, it is hard. I miss him too, but soon we won’t have him at all not even his smell, so we may as well get used to it,” she said,

 As we started along our way, Mommy suddenly stopped, and gave me a left hand signal. At first I did not understand, but I turned as she asked me, and led her down the hall we’d lived on that smelled so very much like Trainer Drew.  We’d only gone a little way down the hall when she stopped in front of the room that Trainer Drew had lived in while we were in class together.  We sat ourselves down in the floor together in front of his door. she took some time just to love on me, and I could smell that Trainer Drew’s not being there made her feel sad too, she petted me gently. 

“There will be many new things for you to learn about when you come to live with me. I want very much for you to be happy and I want you to know you are ever special to me. Sometimes things in my life can be a bit hard, but you will always and forever be number 1 in my world,” she murmured.

She held me close in her arms, and I lay my nose in the special place under her chin, that I still – to this very day think, is the very best place to take her scent from, and our loving grew.  We sat there in the floor in front of Trainer Drew’s old room for a little while just holding each other. She with her strong loving arms round me, and me with my head nuzzled under her chin. I wrapped my front paw round her arm and pulled it to me, licking it as I did so.  After a while she took me to go to the bathroom and then we walked back to our new room. She tucked me into my bed on the floor.  As she did she sighed to herself. And even though I wished for my crate, I began to get very sleepy.

Just as I was drifting off, I felt that Mommy was a bit sad, but when I thought about standing up to nuzzle her, I felt a sense of loving fill the room and it was so very wonderful that Mommy’s sad smell went away. She lay down on her bed, snuggled up into her covers, and she and I both took a nap.

Soon Trainer Jeff was knocking on our door, and he had my food. He told Mommy to feed and take me outside again.  When I was all finished, she and the other humans all got together and ate their supper. That was a good time fur sure. They all laughed, and traded stories. Mommy seemed to enjoy herself very much, and I was glad.  While our humans visited all us doggies gathered close under the table whispering to and chewing on, each other. We were real glad to be back at the school. The day had been rather confusing, and even though we were all very excited and curious about the faraway lands we would soon go to live in, this night we knew without doubt we belonged right where we were.

While we were all gathered round the big table in the big room the trainers all called the lounge upstairs, the president of the whole Seeing Eye came to visit.  His name is President Jim Kusch. He had a big beautiful dog with him, but we did not get to meet.  He brought some leftover food and drink from a party they’d been having downstairs, but mommy did not seem to want much of any of it. I figured she had eaten too much supper, and although I can still not figure out how anyone ever gets full, I did not think of it too much. I was very sleepy, and only wanted to go back and lay down on my bed. It had been a very long day, and Trainer Jeff had said we would be going on the plane again the next day and there were no bad storms to be seen. So I knew the next time we got on the plane would be for real.

Finally, we went back to our room, mommy got us ready for bed, and after she took me outside one more time we loved on one another, and she tucked me in.

“Tomorrow I will take you home with me and our new life will begin. Are you ready to go for real?” I gave her a kiss, and she sat there rubbing my tummy, talking to me softly, telling me stories of the far away land where she and I would live together while I fell to sleep.  “Oh! Bug! You are truly King of my world. Did you know the place we’re going to is called Kingsport? That is so very awesome! A Magical match up fur sure. Trainer Drew surely couldn’t have known I would think of you as a King could he? He is a wise Trainer to be sure.” She laughed, and the sweetness of it filled my dreams.

The next morning just before the sun came up, while the night things were going to sleep and the day was waking, mommy woke me and we gathered up our things. We all had our breakfast, and then we were off to the airport again. After working through all those people, going through that big line and getting all checked over again Mommy, Trainer Jeff and I sat waiting for them to call for our flight.  Finally, they did call, but when we got to the counter there was no one to take us from the airport onto the plane. Now, I am a smart doggy, but there were a lot of planes out that big door, and no way could I know which one to take her to and she could not at all tell me, and Trainer Jeff knew this. He was not going with us, and I could smell he was upset, and as he talked with the human lady there I could smell him becoming more and more frustrated. Just then a very important looking human man walked up and asked Trainer Jeff what the trouble was. Trainer Jeff stood straight and tall when he spoke to the very important looking human man, and soon mommy and I were walking with him to the plane. Now you can’t imagine how proud I was when I found out this was a great thing to be doing because this was the pilot. The one who flies the plane.  The very captain himself. Mommy was smiling, and her fear smell was all gone. I wagged my tail, and only looked back at Trainer Jeff one time. He gave me a smile and a wave, and as mommy and I stepped onto the plane our new lives together began.

As King Campbell finished his tail all the pups sat without making a sound or moving at all. Finally, the wee golden spoke.

“Wow! King Campbell! That is a very exciting tail! Thank you for telling it to us.”

“Yes. Thanks wow! Yeah that was neat! Great!” All the pups agreed.

“Do you think we will have such adventures as those?” One of the shepherds asked.

King Campbell stood stretched, and smiled. “I am quite sure of it. Now all of you come and give me love. I may not see you anymore for a long time, if ever. I want you all to know how very proud I am of you, and even if some of you do not become Seeing Eye Dogs, you will all have important things to do in your lives, and I do not ever want you to forget how very special you are.”

One by one the pups came to him. Drawing each of them close, he took a good sniff of them, gave them a kiss and sent them on their way. The very last pup to come to him was the wee golden. She had stood waiting shyly while each pup had taken their turn. Finally when no pups were left she came to him. He sat down and drawing her close.

“Wee one, you are very special indeed. I smell much power in your fur. The forever person that will one day come for you will have many different needs. Something I did not share with everyone is that many times the humans we serve have many different problems, and their eyes are only one of many things they have to handle in their everyday lives. You have more than just the power of direction in your fur. You have the shimmering.”

She looked up at him with wide questioning eyes. “What is the shimmering?”

He took a deep breath, and then he saw her mother standing in the shadows. He looked at her, and she nodded her permission, and so he continued.

“The shimmering is a special power of loving. It means when your time comes to be a guide you will have a human much like mine. No matter if it is a woman or a man the human you are matched with will have a need to be truly loved, and the two of you might go through some hard times, but you will always know how to love them through it, and nothing and no one will ever be able to come between you. You will be the truest of friends, and as long as you have one another you will never do without love. It is not always easy to love and work for such a human as that. Sometimes you must smell fear. Sometimes you must smell tears, confusion, and sometimes even anger.”

“Anger?” She looked frightened.

He took her paw in his. “No wee one, not anger at you. Never at you, but sometimes the things that happen to them, the ways in which they are treated or their other disabilities, will make them smell like anger as well as many other feelings.  When those times come, you will have to know the things to make your human laugh, and the things to make them want to get up and work, and the things to make them want to keep loving the world around them. You will learn those things about your human, just as I have learned them about mine. At first the connection the two of you will have together will mainly be felt through the leash you will wear. However, after some time has passed you will learn all your human’s signs and signals. You will be closer than any two beings in this whole wide world can be.  Never will you have regret. Never will the things you know steer you wrong, and no matter how tough times might become you will always and forever want to be your human’s guide. It is a very special honor to be placed with such a human, and to your human you will be a queen, just as I am a king to mine.”

As he finished speaking dawn was breaking just over the horizon. He gave her one final lick.

“Go now, and spend time with your mother, and other litter mates. For, today is yesterday’s tomorrow, and tomorrow is another day.”

Soon all the puppies had scampered away and only King Campbell was left in the big room. Just then he heard a soft tinkling sound all around him. As he stood looking into the early morning dawn he faded away, and once again appeared at his mother’s side, she woke. She turned to him and reaching out her arms she said sleepily, “Bubba I had the strangest dream. I dreamed you had gone to the nursery at The Seeing Eye and were helping to prepare puppies to become Seeing Eye Dogs.”

King Campbell yawned, and laid his head against her shoulder, and for just a moment she thought she smelled puppy breath. She leaned close to him, and then the smell was gone.

“How strange.” She said, as she rose from the bed.

Later as the two of them walked in the early morning mist, with sprinkles of rain falling all round she sang.

Listen to the birds sing.

Listen to the chimes ring.

Listen to King Campbell’s bell ringing.

Listen to the rain fall.

Listen to my heart call.

Listen to King Campbell’s bell ringing.

As King Campbell sniffed round their yard, he thought of the nights he’d spent helping the pups get ready to try and become Seeing Eye Dogs, and he could not help, but to wag his tail. As they started toward the house he stopped and looking up into the air he prayed a silent prayer.

“Thank you for the sun. Thank you when this day is done, all The Seeing Eye’s needs, they will be met. Thank you for what they have, and for what has not come yet.”

Just as he finished the sun began to shine from behind the clouds, and a rainbow appeared in the sky. As King Campbell continued to look up he saw just above the rainbow the face of the wee golden and upon her head was a crown of beautiful golden light shining all around her. As the golden rays from the beautiful crown beamed down mixing with the morning sun he knew fur sure,  she would indeed be a queen forever.


Hi, Patty King Campbell’s human mommy and King Campbell here! We hope you have enjoyed the story of Bubba Tails from the Puppy Nursery at The Seeing Eye. We hope you will share it with all your friends and loved ones. We hope, now you’ve read it you understand a bit better about a Seeing Eye Guide Dog and the most important job they do. I hope you will encourage others to read it, and know that King Campbell and I love you very much and we enjoyed writing this for you.

Will there be more Bubba Tails? Does King Campbell have more adventures with these most awesome pups? Come back next week to find out. Until next time this is Patty and Campbell saying, “May harmony find you and blessid be.”

Now, if you have truly enjoyed this tail (Tale) You can let us know by going to The Seeing Eye’s website, and donating $5 or more to either their breeding program, or their puppy raising program and make sure to put that you’re donating in honor of Bubba Tales from the Puppy Nursery at The Seeing Eye.

If you do that, it would be the biggest and best honor you could ever pay to King Campbell.

Thanks ahead of time for your awesome generosity.


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