Bubba Tails: King Campbell and the Letter To Santa

Bubba Tails: King Campbell and the Letter To Santa

It was a cold and blustery night just before the winter Solstice in the Campbell Kingdom. King Campbell and his Mommy had just come in from a wonderfully windy and fabulously frosty sniff-fest and King Campbell was happy and feeling fine. His Mommy however simply did not smell at all quite like herself. It seemed to King Campbell AKA Bubba, which was the nickname made of love his mother had given to him, that more and more she smelled too much like disappointment and tears. He very much wanted to make this smell go away, but he just did not know how. He wagged as much as he could. Gave as many kisses as his big red tongue would possibly give, and loved her as much as was possible and more, but still this yucky smell would not go away. He wanted to bite it. Burry it, anything! But it would not go.

Late that night after his Mommy had gone to sleep, he found himself lying wide awake. This was quite unusual, but this night when his Mommy had gone to sleep her tear smell had been very strong, and he was pretty sure it had been tears he’d tasted as he’d licked her hands while she fell to sleep snuggled up with him there in the bed they shared.

Finally he could stand it no longer. He slid quietly out of bed, being sure not to ring his bell, and padded softly out of the room. He made his way quietly into the extra room across the hall, and after digging round in the extra blanket nest his Mommy had made for him there he found his Kong Chew Bone he’d named Chewy Man after a nice friend of theirs had played a real neat game with him, curled up into the blanket nest and began to chew. He chewed…chewed…chewed… and did I mention that he chewed…? He thought…thought…thought… and thought some more. Finally when he did not think his thinker would think one more time he had an idea! He leapt into the air, and landed noisily onto a squeaky toy burned midst the cover. He stood very still listening, and was soon relieved to hear his Mommy snoring from the other room. “Sheesh! And she says I snore…!” He thought to himself and ran up the hall to the living room and his Mommy’s phone. She’d left it hooked up to its tie-out and the keyboard was there too. He had an idea, and he knew he did not have much time. He had decided the only way to bring the spirit needed to make his Mommy stop smelling like disappointment and tears was to write a letter to the most wise and ancient person on earth! Maybe in the whole Universe! He was going to write a letter to Santa. If anyone anywhere could help, it was Santa.

Santa was this most awesome magickal and ancient little man. He loved furry red clothes, and he had the very neatest pets. They were magickal too, and they could fly! Why that one with the big red nose, was a Guide Deer, and King Campbell hoped one day to meet him. He was after the most famous of them all!

Finally he had managed to scoot the keyboard from its place beneath his Mommy’s table, and had figured out how to open the phone to what his Mommy called the Email app and was just about ready to start when he realized he did not have the address. Finally he found it and typing with his nose wrote SANTA@NORTHPOLE.Com into the to field, and then it was time to begin. He thought for a moment and this is what he wrote…

[Subject] Dear Santa, This is King Campbell AKA Bubba

Dear Santa, this is King Campbell but you can call me Bubba. All the humans that love me do, and I know you love me. I am not writing for myself though. I am writing for my Human Mommy. I do not exactly understand all I need to, but we are soon to move to a new land, and this as well as lots of other things has my Mommy smelling all full of disappointment and tears. You see, she had lots of hopes and dreams when she moved into this house, here in this land, and it seems as though well… from what I’ve been able to learn, that lots of the things Mommy wanted to be so did not happen, and now we’re leaving here, it’s another Solstice and Christmas and Mommy knows it is the last chance she has here.

I don’t know what to do to help, but is there anything you might could do? I know a few things that would maybe make her happy. Don’t know if you can get them on that flying sled or not, but I heard it said you were the wisest, magickal, and most ancient of all the trainers, and neat people in all the world, so maybe if I tell you of some of these things you can help make them so. Maybe just one or two? Mommy is naughty sometimes, sometimes she is quite naughty indeed, but inside all that knaughtyness she has lots of love, and goodness, and I want you to think about that when you’re filling her stocking this year. She said to her friend on the phone earlier that she was not sure she believes anymore. Said she had not been able to believe for real for a long time. I once saw her learn to believe in the Easter Bunny, but it’s the wrong time of year for him. Mommy needs chocolate Santas and elves not bunnies. Anyhow, here goes…

***MOMMY’S LIst***

A little gathering at our house, where she is comfortable, knows where all things are, and feels happy.
Maybe a magickal way to do a bit of Christmas shopping for her family and bestest friends.
If not, then maybe a tiny live tree?

Santa I know these things sound hard, but aren’t you magickal like they say? Haven’t you been round since almost long as Goddess, and aren’t you the most ancient and wise ever?

If you can help, I’d really appreciate it. I really want my Mommy to be happy. She thought we’d have moved to this new land by now, but that is not yet to be, and I just do not know how to fix this. I can take Mommy anywhere she wants to go. We might get misplaced sometimes, but I always make sure she’s safe. She loves me, I know. I tell you what Santa if you can make this sad disappointed smell go away for my Mommy you don’t gotta bring me nothing. I just want my Mommy to smile.

Well, I’m done. My nose is tired, and I cannot think of anything else to say except, well…

HAPPY Solstice and MERRY Christmas!

Oh! Yea! One more thing! If you stop at that most magickal and ancient place The Seeing Eye tell’em King Campbell AKA Bubba says hi, and that he and his Mommy are doing OK and that we’re real glad we’re together, and make sure you tell Trainer Drew that my mommy is fur sure I am the most bestest Christmas present ever in the world, and I know it is true cause she did name a world after me.

Be safe Santa, and Blessid Be.

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