Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye

Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye

Written by Patty L. Fletcher

Told by, King Campbell Lee, The Seeing Eye Dog AKA Bubba


Spring and summer 2016


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### 3.  The Run away

One stormy night a few weeks later King Campbell and his mother had just gone to bed, and just as he was about to drift off to sleep, he heard again the tinkling of dog tags off in the distance. They had an urgent sound to them. “Something is wrong.” He thought.   So, after making certain his mother was fast asleep, checking the house, King Campbell stretched himself comfortably and once again let himself fade away.

As he appeared in the nursery he noticed that there was much confusion and he could smell fear.

“What is wrong?” He asked one of the mother dogs standing nearest him when he appeared in the room.

“Oh! King Campbell! We have an awful problem!” She howled.

“Why, whatever is the matter?” He asked with some alarm.

 “Oh! That little pup that snuggled with you last time, you were here!  She heard that soon it would be her time to leave her mother and go with her first family and she has hidden herself someplace and we have looked and looked, but we cannot seem to find her!”

Now, it had been storming when he had left his human mother, and it was storming there as well.

“Well, now, she’s such a wee thing. She can’t have gotten far. We will split up and search the grounds.”

Soon King Campbell had all the pups gathered together, along with their mothers, and he gave each of them an assigned place to look. He remembered many things about the nursery and the land around it, and he was ever sure that they would find her without much trouble at all. He made sure to keep the wee pup’s mother close to him so she would not be too afraid, and off they went into the storm. 

The lightning flashed! The thunder crashed! And how the wind did blow! The rain was falling hard, yet all the dogs and pups looked and looked. Sniffing here, sniffing there. They looked inside and outside too. They sniffed under bushes, and around trees. They looked under furniture in the nursery, and even in toy boxes, closets and drawers. A bunch of little Labrador pups even tried to look in the food bins, and when they did not find her they decided to stop for a quick snack.

King Campbell chased them out saying, “No! No! She is not in there! You leave! It! Stop that!”   

Pretty soon though, they had looked everywhere they could think of and still there was no sign of her. It was getting later and later, the storm was worse than ever, yet still they had not found her. As King Campbell stood with his head down, trying to think what to do, an idea suddenly came to him. He raised his head and barked very loudly!

 “Woolf! Woolf! Woolf!”  The room fell still and he said, “Listen! Listen! Everyone! I have an idea! It is magik, and it just might work! At home when my human mother is missing special people in her life, and wishes to draw them to her in some way, she sings a special song. I am going to sing it, and when you think you have the words join me! Now, come on! All gather round! Let us make a circle. All grasp paws! That’s right, come on! All together now! And remember, when you have the words sing.” He began to sing.

“Listen to the birds sing. Listen to the chimes ring. Listen to King Campbell’s bell ringing. Listen to the rain fall. Listen to my heart call. Listen to King Campbell’s bell ringing.”

Soon all the mothers and pups were singing, but the wee pup’s mother was still crying, and had not yet begun to sing. King Campbell turned to her. “You must sing! You must! You must sing and you must believe! Now sing!”

At first her voice trembled, but as the power of love began to grow stronger so did her voice.  Soon her nose was up in the air and she was singing clearer and louder than anyone else, even King Campbell, who did have a big rich voice.  As they sang, they began to move with the music, circling round and round.

 Just then King Campbell thought he saw movement from the corner of his eye. They kept singing, but he began to sniff, and soon he could smell the wee one’s scent. He slowly turned and nudged her mother, and with a very slight flicker of the very tip of his tale pointed in the direction from which the movement had come. The wee pup’s mother turned in that direction and continued to sing. Soon the wee pup came running up, but she did not go to her mother. She ran whimpering and howling straight to the King, and buried her face in his fur. 

“Oh! Now! It’s alright.” He crouched down and nuzzled her to him. “Hush now. It’s alright.” He held her close.

“I don’t want to go! I don’t!” She howled.

“Now, now,” King Campbell said gently. Of course you do. You are going to make a fine Seeing Eye Dog. I just know it. Why, I can smell the powers of direction in your fur. The wee pup looked up at him with tears still in her big brown eyes.

“Really?”  She said, in a trembling voice.

“Yes really. Now, go and let your mother see you, and snuggle with her. She has been ever so worried for you. You must not run away like this ever again. Understand?”

“Yes, King Campbell. I am sorry.” Her lip trembled, and tears rolled down her wee face.

King Campbell licked them all away saying, “It is all ok now. Go on to your mother, and let us have our story.

Once all the puppies were settled back in a great circle around him, King Campbell began to speak.

Now, first off let me say this to all of you. No matter how afraid you become, you must never! Ever! Run away. Do you understand? The pups answered all together.

“Yes King Campbell, we understand.”

He looked straight at the wee one and asked, “Young puppy do you understand?”

“Y…Y…Yes King Campbell I understand.” She said in a small trembling voice.

He looked at all of them with big stern eyes.

“You pups all of you, you listen to me, and hear me well. There are many wonderful things out there in all of these faraway lands, but there are also many dangerous things. You must never! Ever no matter what run away! You must always always stay where you are told! Running away can be one of the most dangerous things, and could cause you to become hurt or even killed! I want to make absolutely sure you all know this. So let us all say it together.

“We must never run away!” All the puppies said it with him, and soon they were chanting, and wagging their wee tales. 

Finally King Campbell raised his large paw and said gently, but firmly, “Alright now. Rest!” The room fell silent and he took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Now, King Campbell loves each and every one of you. You are all very special, and while all of you may not become Seeing Eye Dogs you all have a special purpose, and you all have much to learn. So, let us all settle down, and I will tell the next part of my tail.”

To Be Continued

King Campbell, or Bubba if you please and I hope you have enjoyed chapter one of our magical tail. Now, should you wish to do so, you may visit the link shown at the beginning of our story and should your heart be so moved, you may donate to this most wondrous organization.

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Thank you for reading. May harmony find you. Blessid Be.


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