Branding Statements for Authors


  1. Well said, do drop the commas. My attempt: Tasha Halpert is an opti-mystic, specializing in at native perspectives.

    1. Amazing!

      Some yell and fuss, If not enough commas, and you say, drop them. 😊

      I believe there must be several schools of thought.

      I allowed spell-check to choose.

      1. IMO, the only one you need is between life and thus. It looks good, though!

        1. Thanks.

  2. You are so right on! And I’m no exper with commas however I do know that less is best.

    1. Since this conversation started, I’ve put this question to several different groups, and have gotten three different answers.

      The one I liked best, and most likely will use is the reading out loud test.

      A comma where you wish to take a breath.

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