Branco Broadcast Interviewing Olivia Ostergaard

Branco Broadcast Interviewing Olivia Ostergaard

On Monday, August 15 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time, our featured guest on Branco Broadcast will be Olivia Ostergaard. To participate on the program, please call 712-832-8294, and use pass code 514295. Please be sure to mute your phones during the show unless you are asking Olivia a question. When you are done with your question, please mute your phone again because we want to avoid background noise. Also, please try to arrive on the call 10 minutes before our guest, so you won’t miss anything. Here is some information about Olivia.

Olivia is a legally blind wife/mother, married over 25 years to hubby Jim. Their son James will be a Sophomore in college. She began writing in high school, hoping to pen the “great American love story.” She continued writing as a hobby , but in the 80s she acquired a second BA from Cal State Bakersfield in Fine Arts, concentrating in vocal music and English, a double major. It became dormant for over two decades until she devoured every taped book in her church library. Rekindling her love for writing, she started penning her book after coming home with her guide dog Fenway. They’ve been together seven years this month. She now says she was born to write, as today’s her birthday, her age being secret.   She’s a contributor of My Journey of, where she writes daily devotions, and articles for their on-line publications. She’s been with them a year. She has also written for Pawtracks, GDUI’s quarterly magazine, and The Blind Californian, CCB’s quarterly offering.

Olivia will give a brief presentation and then take questions from our participants. We look forward to hearing from all of you on Monday night.

Bob Branco  


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