Books, books, books! I love to read #ReadingWithTheAuthors

Books, books, books! I love to read #ReadingWithTheAuthors

I love to read. Even when I was very young. I was read too. I discovered talking books. I remember my first talking book record machine. Then cassettes. Finally cartridges, then digital download hip. Hooray!
I once got in trouble for reading. Why? You might say.
I told one teacher that another needed me. I told the other teacher the same. The two teachers did not compare notes for quite some time. And into the library, I snuck, and I read red red.
I could not read enough.
I remember that so well. What did I read? The outsiders. I loved it. Couldnt stop reading it. So I risked everything. And I read it. That was in the ninth grade. I remember when my mom found out. She told me later after it was all over she was torn between being angry and proud. I asked why proud? She said, you couldve been doing a number of things. But you snuck off to read.
Anyway, Ive read war and peace and loved it. When I told people that there were a lot of groans. But I loved it. I ordered a case of wine just about the time I made a decision to read the book. I downloaded it from the national library services For the blind and print disabled.
It was red by Alexander Scourby. I had never heard him read anything before except the Bible. I was amazed. I was hooked. This was before I had an echo or smart speaker or anything. A friend of mine had made it so I could connect my telephone to my stereo speakers. Each night after the day, and it work was complete, Prince Edward and I would get into the great and powerful chair, and I would begin the book, and with a glass of wine, we would join in all the adventures, bad, terrifying, sad.
it took me two weeks to read that. I dont regret it, and someday Ill order another case of wine, and read it again.

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  1. I couldn’t get enough of “The Outsiders,” either. I listened to it over and over, in spite of its sad ending. I remember my parents reading to me when I was very young, and even then I knew I wanted to be a writer. I haven’t tackled “War and Peace” yet, though. 🙂

    1. I love the book. War and peace was an amazing book of history, romance, intrigue, humor, it was really awesome. And someday I will read it again. It took me two weeks every night. But I’m telling you I would turn that on, and I would be transformed into another world. I literally would read until one or 2 o’clock in the morning. At that time I had no dog. It was just me and the cat. And I would just sit there in my recliner and hold him and drink my wine and read. It was an experience I’m telling you. I had never read it in school. Now I want to read. Great expectations. So many things I have not read.

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