BOOK SALE: by author @Barbara Spencer-Jones #ThinkingThor’sDay

BOOK SALE: by author @Barbara Spencer-Jones #ThinkingThor’sDay


Please use the contact information given here to contact the author directly concerning the following offer…

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Christmas comes early for the readers in your family via my Christmas Bonanza.

Author Signed Copies of any of my novels at the special price of £6 per copy for Children & YA editions and £7 for my adult fantasy novels. (This includes UK postage).

Details are on my website :

or contact me:


Huge excitement – thanks to Jac Forsyth who is whiz with all things technical – there is a fantastic offer on my website My paperbacks sell through the publisher but because of Covid my school visits and talks have all been cancelled and so a few copies are quietly reposing in boxes in my living room and they are on sale until the end of December.

Prices on the website: and there is a Paypal button. (These include The Year the Swans Came, Children of Zeus, Time Breaking, Running, A Dangerous Game, etc. etc. etc.)

About Scruffy. He’s special and I know for a fact there are only 30 copies – so if you want one of those, get in touch via my email: barbaraspencerbook@









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Book Sale,

Barbara Spencer,


  1. barbaraspencero Reply
    November 14, 2020

    Hi Patty

    Just a head-up – I am not Barbara Spencer-Jones – it only confuses thing if she gets dragged into things.

    Best wishes


    1. Hi Varbra thank you for reading the post and for commenting. I have told you before and I am going to tell you again it does not appear that way to the public. You are only seeing that come that way because of your email. To the general public they see you as Barbara Spencer. Please let’s not keep having this conversation. And having it on the blog is not the place to do it anyway. If you have disagreement about how somethings shows up on the blog email me privately. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

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