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Hi, Readers! Everywhere!

King Campbell, A.K.A Bubba and I are here with a couple fabulouso! Books to Recommend, and Review!

We’ll start with Mystery Walk, and go from there. I have a bit to say about this book, so, First, NLS. Then, my thoughts.

Mystery walk DB19678

McCammon, Robert R. Reading time: 16 hours, 7 minutes.
Read by John Stratton.

Supernatural and Horror Fiction

Novel of the supernatural in which Augustus Krepsin, seeking immortality, uses extraordinary powers of two young brothers from the South. Billy Creekmore, a decent sort, has the ability to help “pass over to the other world” the troubled spirits of folks who have died violently, while his brother, “Little Wayne,” is a tent-revival faith healer who can raise the dead. Strong language and some descriptions of sex.

Downloaded: February 22, 2017

Download Mystery walk

As you can see, I downloaded this some time back. Actually, I downloaded a ton of books between Jan, and Feb, because I feared budget cuts, might interrupt my reading. With the only thought, “Can’t have that!” rolling round in my head, I ran across this book, remembered having started it years ago, and never being able to finish due to a broken tape, downloaded, and saved it away with a whole lot more.

Flash-forward! To May, and me, flat-of-my-back, in a Skilled Care facility, not yet able to get up without help, and a need to read, and I found a pleasure filled escape, like nothing I’d known in a while.

I’d read, and finished a couple books, one from Stephen King, and was looking for something to distract me from the world of weakness, and discomfort I felt from the sickness that had, ravaged my body.

As I began to read, I left my world, and entered a world like nothing I’d enjoyed since The Dark Tower series. Yes, this book rates, right up there with that, and yall know how I feel about The Dark Tower.

That being said, let us talk about Billy Creekmore. Does he see the dead? Can he assist them across to their destination when they’re restless and unable to cross? Does, Little Wayne, really have the ability to heal, and if so, why can  he not do it all the time?

How are these two connected? Are they for real kin, or have they been mixed up into a terrifically terrifying tale.

Download this book, and escape the realities of your world a while.

Now, I’m home, I need more time filler than ever. Having been used to people around at the touch of a button, or a left-hand turn, and short walk to the Therapy Gym during the day, I felt totally alone.

What to read? I ran across this book, just doing a skim down the Nora Roberts page, and WOW! What a find! I, give you NLS and then a partial review, of, 2 out of 3.

A little fate DB64130

Roberts, Nora. Reading time: 10 hours, 57 minutes.
Read by Don Feldheim.

Short Stories

Three tales of love and magic. In “The Witching Hour” a young woman following her heart saves her kingdom. In “Winter Rose” a queen receives something unexpected for healing a warrior. In “A World Apart” a demon slayer finds herself transported to New York. Some explicit descriptions of sex. 2004.

Downloaded: May 30, 2017

Download A little fate

Now, I downloaded this little beauty, just before coming home on May 31. When I settled in on my first night home, I found that once Campbell went to sleep, and the family upstairs, went to bed, the place was quiet as a tome I, not being used to such, needed a distraction in the worst kind of way.

I looked through my Wish-List, and BAM! This jumped out. I don’t know if it was the titles, author, or just my restless mind, but once I began reading, there was no putting it down.

In Witching Hour, the love story is loving and beautiful in its own magical way. In Winter Rose, it is Heart-Breaking, Beautiful, Frustratingly Frigid, and more. You’ll love it if you love a beautiful way of ending.

I have just begun the first of this last one, and it is funny, scary, and suspenseful all in one.

Haven’t gotten further than the first few pages, but hooked is the word.

Almost time to prop up and rest a while, so back to the book, for the last tale, and then I’ll be off to dream.

I recommend all reviewed here, and hope you have a great night.

If you’re well, be grateful. If you’re sick, pay attention to Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul.

Else the consequence, it will take its toll.


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