Book Review – The Dragonbone Chair

Book Review – The Dragonbone Chair

The dragonbone chair DB40337

Williams, Tad. Reading time: 31 hours, 53 minutes.
Read by Erik Sandvold.

Fantasy Fiction
Young Adult

Simon, fourteen, is a scullery boy at Hayholt Castle in the land of Osten Ard. Then one day he is apprenticed to Doctor Morgenes and finds himself involved with the League of the Scroll. King Elias has succeeded to the throne, bringing an evil force with him. To save the realm, Simon must unravelthe riddle of the three lost swords called Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn–and now Elias has one. For high school and older readers. 1988.
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As the NLS info proclaims, Simon, starts his life, as a Scullery Boy in the Kings Cassel, and believes that is all he is to ever be, a lowly servant, with no future of love, or life.

Having felt as Simon felt, I could feel, and understand his pain.

AWW! But then…

He finds himself apprentice, to the Doctor, a wondrous magical scientist beyond his time, but there is mischief afoot, and soon, the good King John, is dead, and his weak minded, cold son, takes the throne.

Soon, things are in Chaos, and it seems there is no end to the evil that has plagued the world.

The weather has gone astray, (This seems to be something all of these sorts of SF books have in common)

And people know something is not right.

The King’s brother disappears, and why? Would he run-away, thus shirking his own responsibilities?

But…Did he run away?

Well, you’ll have to read, and see.

Simon, soon finds himself in a new and frightening way of life, confusion and evil rein and what shall become of the land?

Read, learn, grow…And, of course, enjoy!

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