Book Review – A Memory of Light

Book Review – A Memory of Light

Hi! While I’m recovering from what has turned out to be the Spring Flu, I’m currently reading…

A memory of light DB76085

Jordan, Robert; Sanderson, Brandon. Reading time: 43 hours, 52 minutes.
Read by John Polk.

Fantasy Fiction

The last battle begins. Rand al’Thor realizes his destiny as the Dragon Reborn and gathers an army. But his plans go awry, and he must regroup while others fight to save the human race. Sequel to Towers of Midnight (DB 71926). Some violence. 2012.

As if it weren’t jarring enough to have to get used to a slightly varied Writing Style mixed lovingly in with Jordan’s, in this, A Memory of Light Recording, we find we’ve a New Narrator. I was not paying attention to the Time Frame in which this series was being recorded, and The disappearance of Roy Avers was an Awkward thing to take.

I have Maintained for Years that Narration changes mid-series, wouldn’t keep me from Reading a ‘Book Series’ and I haven’t given up on this. I have, had some difficulty getting started with it though.

As much as I loved Towers of Midnight, Especially the Ending, I was so caught off gard for the Change a New Narrator would Bring to the Lives of the Characters I’d grown accustomed to it took me nearly 4 chapters to get into the New Reading Rhythm of John Polk, verses Avers.

Now, however, I’m growing used to his Delivery of the book, and when meeting Characters we’ve not had much Dealings with in Previous Books, is Great Fun. John Polk has a fine Reading Style, and his Delivery is good for this Series.

Although mentioned throughout Matt’s travels, Thomas was not given more than discussion material. It wasn’t until this, and the previous Towers of Midnight, that he began to play a major part in things.

In this, A Memory of Light, we find him playing a Key role, and John Polk’s Ability to give him the correct voice, with just the right Expressions of Attitude, etc. has been Enjoyable!

I’ve had to get used to Rand’s voice, coming from John, and the Loss of part of the Accent has been hard to take, but the fact that he handles them all as well as he does for just having been tossed into the series, I’d say all in all he did an excellent job.

It became obvious by Chapter 4 that John was growing increasingly comfortable with the Characters as well, and now as I start Chapter 5 I think we’re in it to win it.

I’ve been amazed at some of the things that haven’t ever made Political sense to me, that do now.

I’ve realized allot about my own self. My Country, and the World.

I’ve enjoyed seeing the Inside of a Battle Ground, and the planning and what it takes to make it all Happen.

It has given me a completely different View on several things in my Reality, and for the better. I think one of the hardest thing I learned was while getting to know Lord Thomas. In one particularly Graphic Battle scene he’s quoted as saying, “Give me some time with my pipe, and book. Who ever said dying in Battle was a glorious thing was a Fool. Who would want to die in this hot, dirty bloody, mess.” (Paraphrasing slightly)

I just thought to myself. Different Weapons. Different world, but Same Concept.

Matt, was said to only be 20 to 25-years-old. Olver, the Young Boy that is with the Band, is no more than 12 if he’s that old, and we see him run into battle with a large Knife, he took from another soldier when “He wasn’t looking.”

If you can walk away from this book, and series without having a better understanding of War, and why it is and isn’t necessary, all in one horrible fascinating minute, then maybe you shouldn’t read this.

It might not be for you.

Reading of Mend, Egweene, and Elane’s relationships and how they’ve Grown Together, even while being Apart, and their United, and Individual Love for Rand has been quite fascinating, and something I could possibly understand as a working concept.

I can certainly see how it works as a part in this ever amazing series.

Yet another reason I love this kind of Reading. I can Escape, yet Help myself while doing so. 

It looks as though I’ve learned something this day.

I highly recommend this Series. I do not recommend starting in the middle and I also Do Absolutely Recommend reading the Prequel before starting the series. Even though it was written well after it originally began. “JMO”

Enjoy and Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.




  1. Thanks for reading if you do! Thanks Claire for helping that get posted, and for those of you who have read the series, you’re more than welcome to toss in your two coin worth!

  2. I definitely agree that a lot of things in fantasy books help us understand the world around us — politically, socially, emotionally. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. This series has spoken in great detail about kingdoms, Countries, Cities, and Towns. It has talked a great deal about the interaction between all mentioned, and what it takes to keep all that in line. It speaks a great deal about what hardships leaders face, and it seems to carry allot of relevant topic for today’s world.

      I’m able to find a safe place where I can Explore, and Compare. I read Today’s news, and think about it and what I’m reading. Much the same, and Much not. Still, seems to me no matter how you write it, or what land it’s in, real or imagined, War is War, Battle is Battle, and Reality sometimes just sucks.

      At the same time, new things are happening to people, changes of lives are being made, and new and wonderful people places, and things are being made real.

      1. Yes, definitely! Which leads me to believe that ‘fantasy’ is not so different from reality in many aspects. Sounds like a great book.

        1. There’s always a bit of Truth in Fiction.

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