Book Review

Book Review

On behalf of, David L. Faucheux, and the Branco Broadcast Phone Conference hosted by, Robert Branco


Across Two Novembers: A Year in the Life of a Blind Bibliophile (C 2017)

by David L. Faucheux

What the book is about:

Friends and family. Restaurants and recipes. Hobbies and history. TV programs the author loved when he could still see and music he enjoys. The schools he attended and the two degrees he attained. The career that eluded him and the physical problems that challenge him. And books, books, books: over 230 of them quoted from or reviewed. All in all, an astonishing work of erudition and remembrance.

Full details:

This 510-page book is now available in e-book ($4.99) and print ($19.95) from Amazon and numerous other online sellers, and is text-to-speech enabled. It was edited and produced by Leonore and David Dvorkin, of DLD Books. The beautiful cover, handy buying links, and the author’s bio are all on the website that is linked to above.

On June 5, 2017, David Faucheux was the guest on Branco Broadcast, a weekly telephone conference hosted by Robert Branco, a Massachusetts author and the publisher of the monthly electronic newsletter The Consumer Vision. Here is the link to the June 5 program, which had a record number of attendees. At David Faucheux’s request, Leonore Dvorkin also spoke about the editing and publishing process.  


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