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  1. thank you for re-blogging my post today, Patty.
    What a great way to celebrate the final day of Summer.
    thank you Teagan R. for your kind “LIKE” on this, too.

    1. Hi Lynda.

      You’re so very welcome.

      You’re also correct in that it’s a wonderful way to spend the last day of Summer.

      I’d also like to acknowledge the fact that you took the time to thank someone for liking your post. I think that’s magnificent and something we all, me included should do.

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. We’ve had a bit of a distraction here.

      Two cats have adopted us. I’ve been all evening yesterday, and all morning getting them settled onto our back deck with food bedding etc.

      Then I had to make arrangements with my vet to get them seen to.

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