Book Donations WANTED

Book Donations WANTED

Campbell 2Hi, as many of you know, I’m a Nonprofit Consultant.

As you also know, of late I’ve joined two greatly important organizations.

First back in early spring, I joined Altrusa International Kingsport

Then later in the summer, I was invited to join a new group, just started called The Wilderness Center and Hangout.

Formed by, Kristie-N Ronnie Richards of Kingsport Tennessee.

Now, I’m coming to you fine folks, and asking for your help.

You see, I am also an author, blogger, and magazine creator.

So, of course I have a great interest in all things books, and reading.

Both the Altrusa club and the Wilderness Center and Hangout group have a need where books are concerned.

The Altrusa Kingsport folks, do a carousel project each year where they go and handout free books to children who come to ride, and The Wilderness Center and Hangout group is just opening, and we’d like to begin a library for our participants.

How, can you help?

I’m now taking book donations…

For the Altrusa Kingsport club, I’m asking folks to donate new or gently used Children’s books, for ages 4-12-years-old.


For The Wilderness Center and Hangout group, I’m asking for book donations for young-adults-and-older-readers.

I would like to ask, that your donated books, not cover any controversial topics. We shall leave all hot-topic items for another day, as we do not feel it is our job to educate about politics, or sexual preference.

And so, what I’d like to ask, is that you look through your book collection, and see if there are any books you might could part with for a worthy cause.


Maybe you could donate a new book, just add a book to your next Walmart run.


They sure do, sell books at Wally-World, and it would be just ever so easy for you to pick-up a couple today.

Each month I will announce a time for you to meet me at the Food City deli to drop-off your donations, or, you may email me for an address where you can drop-off any-time.

Folks, this is why, I feel this mission is so very important.

When you pick up a book, no matter how rotten your day has been, you can, with immense pleasure, escape from your reality, into another world.

You can, educate yourself, learn a craft, or, even a trade.

Literacy is something that must be preserved in our society.

And, no matter how awesome E-books are, and BTW? We would happily take an E-book reader for our center, but also, the feel of a real honest book in one’s hands, is something I never wish to see lost.

Now, if you’d like to assist, please email to find out all about this most awesome project.

If you do not live in our local area, and you’d like to help as well, you are more than welcome to write that address and find out how you can mail us a box of books, or make a monetary donation.

Thanks for your awesome generosity, and blessid be.


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