Book 10 of the Wheel of Time Series: Crossroads of Twilight

Book 10 of the Wheel of Time Series: Crossroads of Twilight

Good morning Readers from everywhere! Patty and Campbell back with you this morning to tell you of an awesome book I have just finished. Let me just say to those who have already read this series, I did not see the ending of this particular book coming at all! Not at all!

First off during this entire book we get to know Matt the Gambler much better, and as he begins to get acquainted with the daughter of the Nine Moons, we find there’s allot more to him than ever we did think before. Just goes to show, you should never assume anything.

We also see Rand in a whole new way. He is truly beginning to question his very foundation of belief system, and to ask himself just how far is too far, and just what will I do to see what I believe must get done is done? So, Readers, how far is too far? And, just who decides that?

Is there one thing you want in this entire Universe you want more than anything ever before you have known? What would you sacrifice to get it? I have truly been struggling with this question for quite some time. It began to grow when I read the Cold Fire Trilogy, but this book, Crossroads, of Twilight has really brought it all to the surface. You see, there is something I want very badly to happen in my life. I know that I possess certain abilities to help make this happen, but I struggle with just what is too far, to accomplish my wish every day, and now that I’ve finished this book, seen to what lengths some will go, and the result it has brought forth thus far, I am now unsure. Yes…Yes… I know this is just a fantasy fiction series. Yes…Yes… I know, the stories are make-believe but is there not always an element of truth in all gleemen’s tales? Do we not always find just a tiny sliver of truth in all things? Of course we do.

So Readers? Have you read this series? Are you reading? Do you believe “The wheel weaves as the wheel will?” Or, do we have some control? Is there really Taberian? (A pattern destiny if you will) or, are we in control of all? Are there things that our actions can put into motion, and can we do these things on purpose to make other things so? If so, is there any sort of ethic we are set to follow or does everyone have to come to those rules on their own?

Hard questions? Want answers? Read the series and find out for yourselves.

I love to read fantasy fiction. Love stories with elements of magik, mystery, suspense, and romance all wrapped up in one. Love the supernatural and spirit filled stuff. Love learning more about the powers or as some call them gifts we all naturally possess, and seeing the ways lighted before me in which I should go.

Read Learn, Grow.

I am reading via digital talking book provided to me by the fine folks at NLS (National Library For the Blind and Physically Handicap.) You can learn more about this program by visiting

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