Bob Cat, Morning Crazies, and the Renewal

Bob Cat, Morning Crazies, and the Renewal

Bob Cat, Morning Crazies, and the Renewal

Patty L Fletcher

January 16 2016 A.M

It was a damp Saturday morning in The Campbell Kingdom, but to me it seemed warmer than the previous mornings, and I had a window cracked in the living room to let in the fresh air. I’d already fed the animals and taken King Campbell out for a morning sniff fest round the yard. We went all around the house and he enjoyed himself much. Once back inside I began my day. Posting on FB and answering emails that had come in overnight. Having co-authors and an editor all over the world, makes work interesting, challenging and fun.

People think I’m just playing, but everything I do inches me forward in the (People Noticed!) Category.

As I sat drinking my morning’s second cup of coffee, now sitting half gone beside me, and getting cold, because I must write. Bob Cat began to enjoy ‘Morning Kitty Crazies!’ He doesn’t go as long as he used to. He’s getting older too, but on this morning he was running round like mad. He hopped up on to the dining room table, knocking several items to the floor as he did so, scattering paper and mail everywhere! “Bob! Cat!” I hollered! Of course all’s I got for my trouble was, M U R R P! and Squeak!

Then, after staring out the window for a few minutes at who knows what, he leapt down and sped across the room. Jumping over the back of the chair Campbell was sleeping in!  Running   across Campbell,  across to the desk and Pounce! On to the desk he landed! Rattling everything there, but fortunately spilling nothing. I had to laugh. It was honestly good to see him play. He doesn’t do enough of it. I used to have a friend who would play, “Where’s the Evil Red Dot?” with him, but he’s moved away. I’m no good at it, and don’t even have one of those lights.

Now, he is settled down in my desk chair, and I am here in my favorite chair writing this silliness to you. I don’t know why I have such a need to write down the things that happen to me. I just have a great need to tell of  the joyful happy things in my life.

Recently all churches no matter their faith have had some type of removing the old and renewal ceremony. I took my old negatives and removed them by taking a long hot soak in the tub with lavender scented insense and soft music, while visualizing all bad things going away. When I rinsed and ran the water out I spoke these words. “Obe Obe Remove and Remove! Situations Improve and Improve!”

Obe is one of the Goddess names for the Goddess of Water.

Now, as the moon waxes full, I begin the renewal. I chose a stone from the little bag I made to carry them in without thought. Just reached in and took the first one my hand touched. It turned out to be my Rose Quartz Seer Stone. I sat holding it in my hand. Every night after my new moon ceremony I asked the spirit to speak to me concerning what I wanted to draw to me this year. When doing this one it’s supposed to pick one word and file it away and ponder its meaning and strive to accomplish the goal that sets for them. I did this choosing on a Tuesday and I did a Spiritual Double Dip! I chose two words. I chose Happiness and Joy. I cannot wait! It has already begun! I am more and more each day able to see the happiness and joy in all things even the calamities that befall Campbell and I sometimes due to various situations we encounter during our ramblings throughout our town each day.

I face many challenges in my life at this time. Spiritual doubt because times are so tough, and I feel I should be manifesting better. Physical doubt, because I am experiencing side affects somewhat differently than before with medications, and there are several factors that cause this, one being the fact that I continue to lose weight.

It is a juggling act at best and I am learning to cope.

I am happy to simply be alive to sit here and tell these tails to you.

Happy reading writing and all. Thanks Bob Cat for inspiring me again! You’re an awesome Kitty Bob!

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  1. This is cool. I am glad that Bob kitty is doing better. I am also glad that Campbell is doing great. I have to go see the retinal dr Friday at 9 am. I am not looking forward to it.. I am afraid of what he is going to say. Silly isn’t it? I already know cane travel and a few other things I learned at the rehab center over 20 years ago. So wish me the best.

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