Blogging On Blogging: 501

Blogging On Blogging: 501

What am I talking about…?
Blogging! While it is sometimes challenging, and I don’t know near enough about the workings of the blog process itself as far as the technology goes, blogging for me as a writer who is blind, and mentally disabled is the greatest gift I could ever have.

Why? Because it gives me an outlet of expression that is totally free. I figure that I can write, or share content according to my likes, and if someone is reading, and following it means they really do want to read it.

It is not easy, and sometimes it can be frustrating and time consuming. It takes me some time to find information from other sources to share here. I read all posts before sharing, and then there are navigational challenges, as many times I find each blog is just a bit different as far as sharing links.

Someone wrote to me once and said that blogging was not for the faint of heart, and that I’d inspired them to take up their blog again after what had been a long absents. I can se how someone would get frustrated and overwhelmed. What with my computer and other tech challenges at the moment I have at times felt like throwing in the towel stomping my keyboard into the ground, and tossing the whole entire mess into the trash. Then I take a walk with my pup, meet an interesting person while riding the bus, or have some kind of strange encounter while doing something as simple as picking up a muffin at the Food City deli and before I know it I’m working on another post. It is simply in my blood, and there’s nothing for it but to write.

I thank all of yall for reading, liking and sharing if you do. I thank you Claire for your continued assistance, and to all yall other bloggers, thanks for letting me reblog your stuff. I could never write enough original material to keep this blog active, and interesting every day all day long without you.

Until next time, this is Patty and the Inspiring King Campbell AKA Bubba saying…
Happy Reading…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

PS. Wondering what the 501 is about? This post will make my 501 posting. I just got notification of my having made 500 postings on WORDPRESS and was inspired! LOL!

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