Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award

What is said below, is the reason for what I do.
I get asked all the time, Why are you always on your Computer, phone, etc.?
Another I get asked, while I’m handing out business cards or talking to people in general Is, are you always working?
Because my work is my life, and my life is my work, answer to that question is yes.
As many of you who read me every day, or at least once a week, no I suffer from depression, have fibromyalgia, and I am blind.
My goal is to raise awareness about these and other types of disabilities.
Awareness of ‘Dog Guides’ what exactly they do, how and when they do it, and more.
So when I read this, it really resonated with me.
Congratulations to all who have ever even been considered for this award. Blogger Recognition Award July 27, 2016 ~ K@countingpenniesandsheep   The Blogger Recognition Award comes to me from Thank you to Art by Rob Goldstein for nominating me for the Blogger Recogni…

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  1. congratulations!

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