Blogger Pet Peeves: Just My Opinion

Blogger Pet Peeves: Just My Opinion

Blogger Pet Peeves: Just My Opinion
November, 2017
OK, first I should, probably put up the disclaimer of…
These are all just my opinion, probably in some ways trivial, and for sure not meant to offend or piss anyone off.

Let me also say, I realize that people do not do some of these on purpose, and that I imagine that the majority of folks do not know that a few of these are a problem for some.

Add in, the fact that I’m dealing with a hangover that is caused by having a one-woman Halloween party where I shared beer and chocolate with no-one, and am still dealing with the Cold-Virus-Alien-Invasion of the century.

So, now that is all out of the way, some of these really do gripe my gears, so let’s begin.

The biggest one I have is when someone puts up this really neat lead-in to a post, gets me all set to read, I get about a 4TH of the way in, and there’s this link that says, “Read more, 10 more words”

What the hell? “10 more words?” If you wanted us to visit that blogger’s link you could’ve done 1 of 2 things.

You could have either started us off by simply putting the source link, and having us click from the beginning, or you could have simply put the URL to their blog with an invite to visit after you were done blogging, but noooo! You let us read all but “10 more words” and then give us a link to click.


I have been so pissed I refused to go. Not often, but sometimes.

Next, and this one really does gripe me.

Write a great intro, then all I get for my trouble when I click the link is a screen-shot.

Ladies and gents of the blogging world, there are blind folks blogging, and reading blogs, and we cannot read those.

Now, that’s one of those where I’m sure that most do not even know there are such folks with such problems on planet, but well, that’s why I am telling you.

Most blind people will just be passive-aggressive, gripe about it in a blind writing group setting and say nothing.

That is not me.

I know you cannot know what you don’t know, so well, now you, know.

Next, another thing that gets me are folks who never, and I do mean never blog about anything but self-destructive things, depression, anger, and strife.

Hell, even in my worst days, I could find something good, or at least funny to say.

I have just this morning unsubscribed from 3 such blogs.

I know, folks can blog about anything they wish, and that’s their right, but how can you possibly be that unhappy all of the time?

OK, well, that’s it.

Now, yall can just figure this is my bitch-fest for a while, and I’m sorry, maybe I should’ve kept it to myself, and I might have just lost some followers, but it had to be…

So, until next time, this is Patty, who really is a nice person most of the time, and King Campbell A.K.A Bubba who says, “Yes, she truly is” Saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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