Blind Faith by author marlene Mesot #AuthorsThey’reOnlyHuman #WordPressWednesday

Blind Faith by author marlene Mesot #AuthorsThey’reOnlyHuman #WordPressWednesday

Blind Faith

by Marlene Mesot

It takes courage to try something new. Stepping out in faith is like being led by someone else as if you were walking blind. When people attend a disability sensitivity training and try walking blindfolded with a cane, it is an eye opening experience. In order to do this, you must trust your guide implicitly, believing that your welfare and safety is his or her top priority at that moment.

Walking by faith takes this kind of trust too. We cannot see God or His perfect intentions for us. We must step out blindly and reach for His hand, trusting that He will guide us. Another more common example, such as being pushed in a manual wheelchair through a hospital corridor, or into an elevator, takes this same kind of trust. Every time you are a passenger in someone else’s vehicle, that person is in control of your welfare. The same is true when you are driving others.

Why is this so? First, God must be worshiped in spirit and in truth. Second, flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Third, we must walk by faith, not by sight. As we take steps of faith, our trust in God grows as we learn from His infinite wisdom, one lesson at a time. The more we trust, the easier it becomes to take that next step. As faith grows so does love and intimacy with our loving Heavenly Father.

NASB = New American Standard Bible.

Marlene Mesot writes contemporary Christian mystery, suspense, romance, short stories and poetry. She has also written a one act play which is included as bonus material in her novel The Purging Fire.

Marlene Mesot, an only child, grandchild and niece from Manchester New Hampshire, and deceased husband Albert, have two sons, two grandchildren and English Mastiff dogs. She is legally blind and moderately deaf due to nerve damage at premature birth. She has loved writing since early childhood.

Marlene holds a Bachelor of Education degree from Keene State in Keene, New Hampshire and a Masters in Library and Information Studies from U-NC Greensboro, North Carolina.


  1. I always enjoy reading your articles, Marlene. This is so true, we all have to learn to trust and have faith in order to walk into the places that God has prepared for us. I always thought about walking into my classrooms as walking in GRACE – it takes grace to step into the classroom or the lecture podium.

    1. Good evening Lynda and thanks so much for reading and commenting on Marlene’s post. We must have faith for without it we will surely fail.

      I’ve recently seen what faith can do in a huge way, and if you’d like to know more you can see my post from Feb 27, call The Faith Challenge.

      It was with that in mind that I chose this essay from Marlene today.

      Patty L. Fletcher

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