Blessid Be to those who Try

Blessid Be to those who Try

IMG_0030As I go through my life, and new things come along, I find myself feeling like I must always run to catch up. While it can sometimes feel as if we’re always being hit with this new thing or that new thing, it is a bad idea to always be trying to find excuses as to why we cannot do things. Always saying I can’t or I don’t have, will only increase the lack in one’s life. To say I will try and I can do will increase the prosperity in one’s life. It is all about the law of attraction. I find I get very frustrated with folks who don’t seem to know this, and even more frustrated with folks who do seem to know this and refuse to use what they know.

I’m trying this New Year to be more tolerant of those whom I know can do and simply refuse to try and realize that maybe it’s their own lack of self confidence or some fear that keeps them stuck where they are. I also find that now that I’ve been taught the true meaning of success by a man who really does know what he is talking about,I become frustrated with those who cannot or will not see the daily successes in their lives and who no matter what are always negative.

They can take something as simple as writing a paper or letter and make it in to a difficult task. Always wanting someone to do things that seem hard for you instead of at least being willing to try just doesn’t fly with me. My momma used to tell me. “I won’t help until I know you’ve tried to do it on your own.” She also used to say, “Can’t means won’t.”

I didn’t understand when I was small what the value of those lessons were but now I do and I’m ever grateful. My mother is gone now but I don’t focus on the lack of her. I focus on her life and what she left behind in me.

Blessid Be to those who try.

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