Blast from the Past: What Time Is It?

Blast from the Past: What Time Is It?

Good morning campbellsworld visitors!
In this post, the blogger asks a good question, and I would love your thoughts.
I recently posted the first four chapters of my second book, The Raw Truth: Campbell’s Rambles Book Two here on my site.
I read, and reread my finished product, yet still I made a glaring mistake. Which, I did not catch, until it was published here.
What was that mistake? What else? a date wrongly written.

I was so upset I could’ve tossed my computer out of the window.

Of course I went and straight away, and fixed my mistake in the draft, but have not as of yet figured out how to go back and re-work a post on the blog itself, so it still remains in the published piece.

My question, how do you avoid timeline mistakes?

Would love to get some writer feedback on this.

In a biography type book, it should be easy to do, but now, I’m testing the water of SF and plan to have a short eBook out soon, and the last thing I need there are mistakes in that timeline, so it would be great to get other’s thoughts.

Thanks to this blogger for bringing this to our attention.

Happy writing, and blessed be.

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