Beware and Be Well

Beware and Be Well

The last week has been an up and down ride for me but I lived through it, and in spite of it all have had some really great things happen. I was able to go to the Friendship Connection and had a great time there. I was able to get a bit of extra work, and I will start assisting someone who has lost all their vision with learning all about independent aids, and assistive technology in about two weeks or so.

I’ve got a great bunch of things scheduled for Feb already and my book is still free on so all and all it hasn’t been a bad week, just that one day of really hurtful behavior from folks I thought cared more than they do.

Just let me give yall one word of advice. When folks tell you stuff they just don’t always mean what they say, lots of times folks in a business especially tell you what you want to hear not what they truly feel and when their actions don’t match their words and they’ve pretended to care, given you info to use told you it was ok to use it and then gotten in trouble for it they will turn on you like a shark, so beware and be careful and always above all protect yourself at all costs. I did not do a very good job of that and a piece of mail I intended for one person only fell in to the wrong hands and I got in a world of hurtful trouble for it. I was talked to like someone who had no worth, made to feel as if I were the only one in the wrong and literally threatened. Of course this is all my word against theirs and they’re way bigger than am I so I haven’t any choice but to simply walk away, but you know what? There is a much higher power than they or I and I have turned those who would stand against me set out to hurt me and who would lie to save themselves over to that higher power and have simply left it to that higher power to work it out.

I have faith that the things I wrote in my prayer journal will be taken care of in short order and I say this day may all who need to be dealt with and shown for who and what they truly are be so this day and 1000 times fold. So Mote It Be and Blessid Be.

This is not me asking for anything bad or good, this is me saying Mother Father God take care of them as you see fit. I hold my head high and know what I did have admitted my wrong doing, have apologized and there is nothing more for me to do. I, however was emotionally set back months by this and am starting some of my treatment from scratch and I am trying to not be angry with those who have responsibility too who aren’t taking it and trying not to be angry with those who could hold them accountable who won’t. I am trying hard to forgive the one who wrote so horribly to me earlier in the week, and made me feel frightened belittled and small. He surprised me with his behavior, but again the higher power will deal with him according. We all at times have to face a bit of hell to get to the heaven, and so I am dealing.

All take care, and be well!

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