Being Thankful for our Trails

Being Thankful for our Trails

This is a time of giving thanks. Now we all give thanks for our family, friends, home, animals etc. How many of us though, give thanks for our trials? Think I sound crazy? Well, most who know me would let you know that is to be expected, so we’ll just leave that for now. Thing is, we should indeed be thankful for our trials. I have seen some awesome changes taking place in my life due to the trials that I have had to face in my life of late. I have had to lose friends, to make new ones. I have had to deal with hurt to gain healing, and I have had to deal with aggravation to gain success, and so through it all I have gained way more than I have lost.

Try this for this Thanksgiving and see what happens. Think about all the trials you’ve dealt with in the last few months. Name them one by one, and then ask yourself how much good came from each of them. Count the blessings that occurred because you had to go through something hard, and see what happens. I am betting you will be surprised. I sure was.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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