Bathroom, Kitchen Cabinets and Bedroom Oh My #What’sUp

Bathroom, Kitchen Cabinets and Bedroom Oh My #What’sUp

Good evening everyone.

I hope you’re all doing super awesome tonight.

Here, every muscle in my body is screaming in fury at me! I spent the day scrubbing my bathroom and clearing out the kitchen cabinets underneath my counters.

I thought these chores would be simple, you know. Just clean the sink, tub and toilet, mop the floor, rearrange the cabinets and then spend the rest of the day getting a jump on the promotions for the week.

HUMPH! Is that laughing I hear? Looks like the Universe did it to me again.

I started easily enough but soon realized there were some seriously nasty scummy places on the wall round the shower and before I knew it, I was standing in the tub with my jeans rolled up scrubbing the walls and all the little shelves in the shower too.

Then of course the others had to be done and after that there was the floor.

Finally, two hours after I’d started, I came dripping out of the bathroom with a load of nasty rags, towels and trash but the bathroom honestly looked better than it had when I moved in.

After a brief break I attacked the kitchen and although it was a bit of mess underneath the counters because I seldom use that stuff, it only took about 45 minutes.

Once those two beastly chores were out of the way, I tackled the bedroom and other than spending about 20 minutes looking for something I’d lost it went fairly quick.

Now, there are blankets in the dryer waiting for me to fold them, the bed in my room needs made and my daughter has texted to say she’s about two hours off. So, I’ll bid you a great evening and get back to work.

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