Barefoot Summer Daze


  1. Wishing you a sweet, sweet day my darling Patty, and a delightful weekend, blessings and love to you! *willows in mist**smiling daisies**singing starlight*

    1. Tiptoeing through the rain dampened grass while thunder grumbles in the distance.

      Love going barefoot.

      Have a great day my friend.

      Patty L. Fletcher

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      Food For Thought

      We all are the Light, automatically. So we really don’t have to go too much further than that. We all have a Light within us – it is the Soul; it is that spark of God, of the Divine, that activates our consciousness.

      -John-Roger, DSS

      Source: New Day Herald website

      1. Me too! Love you

        1. 💞

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