Bag of Bones: Review, and Thoughts of Someone Who Can Relate

Bag of Bones: Review, and Thoughts of Someone Who Can Relate

Patty L. Fletcher

I reviewed this book first on the DB-Review Book List, that is run by, Nolan Crab, and his good friend Don Horn.

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Bag of bones DB46711

King, Stephen. Reading time: 18 hours, 25 minutes.
Read by Gary Roan.

Gothic Fiction

Author Mike Noonan has suffered from writer’s block since the sudden death of his wife, Jo. Hoping that the move to their summer house in Maine will ease his nightmares and misery, Mike befriends young Mattie Devore and her three-year-old daughter, Kyra. While helping Mattie fight for custody of Kyra, Mike is plagued by ghosts. Strong language, descriptions of sex, and some violence. Bestseller.
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I’m not going to bother with the normal, NLS doesn’t do this justice. No matter what kind of synopsis someone writes, it’ll never do it justice.

The narrator, Gary Roan, does, I think, a good job reading this book, once, that is, he gets going with it.

At first, he sounded a bit stiff, but, once he, and the book itself got going, he did a pretty OK job with the reading. He didn’t try too hard on accents or voices, and that was great. He did, in my opinion, a fabulous job on the little girl’s voice. He, somehow, to me, brought the voice of three-year-old-Kyra to life, and drew her character in a way that one-hundred percent matched the way King wrote her.

I was drawn back, and back, to the book, just because of that alone. However, that part didn’t come into it for quite a while, so, what else kept me reading?

First, there was the way, Jo, Mike Noonan’s wife, died. Somehow, it got to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been so sick. Maybe it’s because I realize how very quick life can change, and not always for the better, but somehow, the way she died bothered me, and fascinated me at the same time. Basically, I could relate with some of what Mike was feeling concerning loose ends.

Had, I died during my sickness, there would’ve been quite a lot left undone, said, and dealt with, in my life.

There would’ve been, quite a few things people would’ve had to figure out on, their own, as well.

His wife, had ‘secrets’ but, were they as he suspected? Or…?

Then there are, the “Ghosts” Only, “Ghosts” Doesn’t do them justice. The “Refrigerator People” Now, that’s more like it.

Who, are the “Refrigerator People?” You’ll have to read to know, but if you keep those little plastic magnets, with the alphabet on them on your frig, go put them all in a bag, and lock it in a safe somewhere before you start to read, because if you don’t, you’ll find yourself checking the frig, quite often. It will, freak you out!

Was this book scary? Yes, but not in the supernatural gory kind of way, that we’re used to.

I do not mean to say there was not Gore, nor do I mean to say there was not Supernatural. It just wasn’t like the old nasty demon devil kind of thing.

This story was scary because you could believe it, and parts of it, could have, happen, and that, I think was what got to me the most.

Then there was the sweetness of the romance involved. That has really been speaking to me lots of late, and the way Mike, found himself tangled up with feelings he’d never thought he’d feel ever, never, again, well, it was sweet, sad, and scary all wrapped into a Stephen King book, that, if you’re into such, is sure to please.

One thing that bugged me about the book, were the town’s people, and how, once again, the “Rock” seemed to capture them, and once again, the “Rock” people turned their head.

Remember in Needful Things, how people simply did not, see what was in front of them, even though they did? That bugs me! But, it happens, and even today, or, maybe I should say, especially today, what with everyone with their nose stuck up the tale of some dog goned device, people seem to be able to dismiss quite a lot.

I am very doubtful of my doing this book, actual justice, but I do, for sure, want to invite, and encourage you to read it.

It was also fun to hear of characters and places, gone by. Good old Ace, and the Mellow Tiger, were there, and some other mentions from the Cassel Rock days as well.

If, you, find yourself up late, with nothing to do, give this book a read. You’ll not be sorry.


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