Awesome Jerky Newsletter #BusinessCorner #NewsNuggets

Awesome Jerky Newsletter #BusinessCorner #NewsNuggets

Vote on a new product and Bragging Rights for Dad.

Welcome to the Angela’s Awesome Jerky newsletter

Planning a new product launch, and I need your help

In April I will be launching a new product. This is something I have been promising you all for months and now is the time. The problem is, I’m not sure which flash of inspiration to turn into my next bit of awesomeness. So I’m letting the people make the decision, because you can’t go wrong when you follow the wisdom of the people. Would you rather have:

  • Tequila Lyme
  • Buffalo Ranch
  • Or BBQ Chipotle?

You might be tempted to say "All of the above!" Unfortunately however, that simply isn’t an option. I’m no multi-tasker and want to give each new product my best creative effort. So what would you choose? drop me an email! and let me know.

Flavor spotlight: Dad’s Bragging Rights

Today, March 14 would be my dad’s 69th birthday, so it is fitting that I dedicate this issue’s product spotlight to the jerky he invented. Dad and I had a long history of competing in the kitchen, and naturally neither gave any quarter to the other, except in the case of Dad’s Bragging Rights. I had already come out with a teriyaki and a Cajun, and naturally Dad wanted to come up with one better. So he whipped up this batch of sauces and spice and threw some beef in, and when the final product was done I knew there was no competing with it. So Dad’s Bragging Rights was born, and I was inspired to improve the other two flavors to keep up.

I’m often asked what Dad’s Bragging Rights tastes like. Its hard to describe, but my good friend Hoby Wedler wrote a description a while back which I think comes close.

If you bring this delicious blend of flavors of sweet heat, pepper and savory notes to share, you sure will have a lot to brag about. Created from a fun but competitive cook-off between father and daughter, father won the match with a delicious blend of spices, savory flavors, and a subtle but present kick of black pepper as you finish. This jerky is a classic to eat if you’re not afraid of a touch of spice but want a well-rounded, savory flavor when you’re on the go. You may notice a subtle sweetness which brings it alive. This jerky is great because you taste it while you eat it but it leaves nothing behind.

Tempted>? drop me an email! and place an order for some Dad’s Bragging Rights!

Giving back

In March I am partnering with the River City Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind to raise money to assist blind and/or visually impaired people in the greater Sacramento area. Want to support this fundraiser? Just place your order using this link.

For record-keeping purposes, only orders placed using the above link will go toward the fundraiser. If for whatever reason you do not wish to support the fundraiser, simply place your order using the usual method.

My products

I make the following products year round, and currently have them all in stock.

  • Tantalizing Teriyaki: Tempt your taste buds with this tasty treat. Sweet and smoky and completely non-spicy, this one is a hit with kids and adults alike.
  • Dad’s Bragging Rights: The result of a father-daughter cooking competition in which father reined supreme, its a perfect blend of sweetness and spice, with a somewhat fruity base and a pepper kick.
  • Ragin’ Cajun: fasten your seatbelt and take a ride on the wild side, this one’s as spicy as it is flavorful.
  • Tiffany’s Best: get transported to that Hawaiian beach with this glutin free sweetness.


The cost is $10 per 6OZ bag or $25 per pound. Shipping is $6 if you order 12 ounces or less, and $8 if you order more than that

Want to order

To place an order, give me a call at (530) 813-2911, or drop me an email! and don’t forget to mention that $5 discount if you haven’t used it already!

Final thoughts

Winter is almost over, and we are slowly emerging from the dark tunnel that was the Coronavirus pandemic. I wish for all of you days of warm sunshine, pleasant chats with good friends, a much-needed break from the crazy that has been the past year. You deserve it.

Those obligatory disclaimers

If you received this email from a friend and want to subscribe, Click here to subscribe Once you sign up, you will get the $5 discount I’ve been talking about. If you were subscribed by mistake, hit the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of this email.

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