AUTHORS, THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN: The Cryptic Calling: an author’s journey Along an Unmarked Path

AUTHORS, THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN: The Cryptic Calling: an author’s journey Along an Unmarked Path

via The Cryptic Calling: an author’s journeGood morning campbellsworld visitors.

We open WordPress Wednesday with this beautifully written, heart-breakingly wonderful post.

I found it while rummaging round on author Lynda McKinney Lambert’s Scan blog, so this allows me to do what I love best and that is to profile two totally talented Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing family member clients at once.

YAY to Donna for having the courage to overcome all which is written of here, and YAY to Lynda for sharing it onto her blog to help people not only learn of Donna’s talent but the continuing ridiculousness which befalls disAbled persons even yet today.

Before I send you over to read this post, I’d like to ask you look at and take note of how I spell disAbled. Putting the emphasis on the correct portion of the word is quite important here.

Thanks for reading, and do stop back by campbellsworld. We’ve got lots coming up today.y Along an Unmarked Path


  1. Patty, wow, you did go digging around. Thanks for your comments on this and for sharing.

    1. Well, actually it came up in a related link to the sharing Lynda did of your intro post of yesterday on her blog.

      So, when I saw it I had to go click it and when I read it I had to share it.

      Seems like I saw it on your blog and thought I’d shared it but neither the reblog button or pressthis buttons appeared to have been visited by me on that post, and so I shared it again.

      It was quite well-written and I applaud you for writing so openly and courageously.

      1. Patty, thank you. Sometimes, I think writing openly and courageously may be the way people see it when it’s done, but for the writer (well, this writer anyway) it’s just getting the muddled nightmares up into language and out into the world so they can be examined and contained.

        1. I believe many who write are that way.

  2. P.S. I like your spelling ‘disAbility. Good idea.

    1. Hi.

      I picked that up when working with the disAbility Resource Center in our area, which sadly has closed.


      That’s a blog post all by itself.

      Most poorly run organization I ever saw.

      1. Patty, I’d like to read that post. Organizations in general seem to be holding a massive competition to see who can do the worst job.

        1. Well, it’s not been written yet. But, when I get round to it, I’ll put it here.


  3. heahtmonster Reply
    May 1, 2019

    Patty’s right. Really terrific post.

    1. Hi Heahtmonster, Thank you for stopping by. I’m so happy you enjoyed my story.

      1. Applause! Applause! Your ferreting skills are remarkable.
        I am glad you found this one and posted it for Donna. While I was out pulling weeds in my Zen Meditation Garden, you were haunting my blog. Go for it – any time. lol

        1. Hi Lynda.
          Thanks for reading and commenting.
          Honestly, I can’t claim much work on finding that. It was listed as a related post to the one you shared from my blog, and I found it when I came on to comment and thank you for sharing.
          My curiosity was awakened, and I had to read. Then it was so good, I had to share.
          I plan to go rummaging round on your blog soon though, as well as on other client’s blogs as well, because I want to see what other treasures I might unearth that you guys wrote before I knew you.
          I am quite addicted to blogs.
          Storming here, so just diddling round on my phone.
          Watch for tomorrow’s Saturday Surprise.
          Lots of great stuff coming.
          So glad I created a schedule.
          Why did it take this EX coordinator so long to coordinate her life?

          Get Outlook for iOS


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