Authors, They’re Only Human: Enjoying the Summer’s Eve and a Happy Freya’s Day #Journal

Authors, They’re Only Human: Enjoying the Summer’s Eve and a Happy Freya’s Day #Journal



If you saw my post on FB earlier, you’ll want to read this anyway. It’s been updated with an afterword.



Good morning.

Here’s hoping all is well with you this day.

Here, I’m drinking my first cup of coffee, washing a small load of clothes, and waiting for the beasty to rise and make his morning demands

Bubba In Bed With Duck

We were up late last evening. Somehow, we’ve gotten into the habit of taking a rest in the afternoons and staying up later. I think that started when the heat began.

Campbell likes it outside after the sun goes down.

Last night he played in the yard till nearly 9:30 and then we sat on the deck sharing watermelon until almost 10. Even then it was hot. I could hardly believe it when I checked the weather at 9 and it read 88 degrees.

By the time I had him settled in bed, and the mess cleaned up it was going on 10:30. LOL.

We do seem to go right along with the seasons.

When the cold and dark come, we’ll be back to early snuggle bedtimes and early rising. LOL.

Well, off to read mail and catch a bit of news.

I’ve got to make a store run today, so it’s mask up before going out, and decontaminate when I return home day.

Everyone have a Fabulous Freya’s Day.

May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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Just about the time I finished typing this up and posting to FB with my Book Covers…

Campbell's Rambles Book Cover

Bubba Tales with Wee One Book Cover

King Campbell A.K.A. Bubba Dog had risen, and was ready for his morning feeding and relief time.

First, I made his medicated mini meatballs and hand-fed them to him. Then, I added a cup of kibble to his bowl and the little bits of canned food that had fallen in while I was giving meds, and while he was eating I readied myself for a walk.

Since Campbell began his new meds, and acupuncture treatments he’s back to enjoying a morning sniff fest up and down the block, and while he doesn’t go as far as he once did he walks with a pep in his step I’ve not seen in quite some time.

Well, soon it will be time to go, and so for now, again, I bid you a Fabulous Freya’s Day.

Blessid Be.




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