AUTHORS, THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN: Enjoying the Day Mightily #Fabulous Friday!

AUTHORS, THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN: Enjoying the Day Mightily #Fabulous Friday!

Redwood4It’s cloudy and cool at just 61 Degrees F. with a chance for scattered rain and thunderstorms, but Campbell and I have been enjoying the day mightily.

After having a restful night’s sleep, our day began at just after 5:00 with Campbell flipping onto his back for his first thing-in-the-morning belly rub.

I do so love starting the morning that way.

Once he’d been thoroughly snuggled, I got up and bumbled into the bathroom for my morning’s routine of washing face, brushing teeth and hair, and taking morning meds with a bottle of water kept on the back of the sink for the start of the day.

Once that was done, I got out of my gown and into some comfy clothes that would be presentable to go walking about the neighborhood.

After all that was accomplished, and Campbell had another short belly rub, I headed off to the kitchen to make that all important first cup of coffee.

While it was brewing, I did my morning stretches, and turned on the computer to check the morning’s mail.

Settling into my chair at the computer and taking a few appreciative sips of my coffee I found there wasn’t a lot to take care of so once I’d read and responded to all that needed a reply, I began readying us for our morning’s first walk. Had I known how energetic my pup was today, I’d have had a breakfast bar before leaving the house.

After Campbell had made his rounds in the yard, making sure to check underneath the house and storage building for any cats who might be lingering from the night before he pulled me in the direction of the front gate.

“Want a walk?” I asked as I opened the gate and stepped out.

“Sneeze! Wag-Thump!” He answered making sure to bang his tail loudly on the fence as he passed.

“OK. I take it that’s a yes.” I said, while heeling him back around to my left-hand side.

As we began making our way up the walk, I knew it was going to be the kind of walk we used to enjoy. Campbell had a bounce in his step I’d not seen since fall and as we went along, I felt a happiness growing I’d not had in a while.

Though I knew it was foggy out, due to my having checked the weather before leaving the house, I was pleased when the sun’s warmth could be felt as it warred with the fog and clouds hanging thick in the sky.

The birds were all a twitter and flutter and when we passed by a small tree who was spreading its leaves far and wide across the walk, I heard a bee or some other buzzing thing fly by.

Before I knew it, we were all the way up to the corner next to Eastman Road, and Campbell was still wagging happily along.

“Bubba, I know you’d like to turn this corner and keep on going down the trail, but dude, you have to be able to get back.”

“Sneeze!” He protested, as I turned us back toward home.

It turned out that I made the right decision to go back because about half way there he began to flag, and by the time we made it back to our gate he was ready for a big drink of water, his breakfast and a nap, and that’s just what he got.

While he was napping, I straightened the house a little, checked mail again, and then made myself a breakfast of wheat bread fried in a small pat of butter, scrambled eggs, a glass of milk and another bottle of water.

While I ate, I read a chapter in a book I’m enjoying allowing myself some relaxation time before the busy day ahead.

When I’d finally finished breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen, I saw it was nearly 9:30 so I decided to take Campbell back outside.

This time when we went out, he decided that since his little doggy friends were out in their yard down by the corner next to the park that he should go and visit. So, visit we did.

Now, here I sit, with a fresh spring breeze scented with the fragrance of mown grass and blooming flowers drifting in through the window ready for the day’s work.

Everyone have a fabulous Friday.




  1. This sounds like a great day, Patty. I wish I was able to go for a walk like this. We are still restricted on going to beaches, parks or even walking on the street.

    1. Hi.

      WOW! Can’t even go for a walk in the neighborhood?

      They never stopped us from that.

      I meet so very few people out walking even when things are open it’s quite amazing.

      There are a few dog walkers out in the mornings but they keep their distance.

      We go out so very early in the morning normally I only see one or two walkers out. Occasionally a runner but they don’t slow down at all, just holler hello as they pass.

  2. joanmyles Reply
    May 22, 2020

    Sounds like a great start, wishing you a beautiful day, and a sweet and meaningful weekend, dear friend, blessings to you *willows swaying**smiling raindrops**sunlight through wispy clouds*

    1. Hi.

      Things are going smoothly along.

      I’m proofing my manuscript today and have stopped just long enough to check messages.

      Love to you my friend.

  3. Patty, I always enjoy your posts about you and Campbell. This one was the perfect way to end a hectic week.

    1. Hi, Abbie. Sometimes things just go crazy. All is good in the hood. Thank you for reading and commenting to let me know you enjoy. Campbell and I are hanging out. Listening to music, reading email blog post etc.

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