Good morning to all.

I hope this message finds everyone doing super awesome today.

Yesterday for me, was a calamity of errors, starting with my forgetting to take morning medications until nearly noon, and ending with a glass frozen bottle of water bursting when I took it out of the freezer sitting it onto the counter to thaw while I made my dinner.

By bedtime I felt frustrated, and like I’d not accomplished a thing worthwhile.

Bubba In Bed With Duck.jpg

But, as I lay in bed snuggling with my Bubba Dog, it hit me, “You know?” I said to myself. “When you just allow yourself to go with the flow, and don’t sweat everything and don’t try to be in control of every little detail, things go a lot better for you.”

So, this morning when I woke, I decided not to touch the computer other than to turn it on and let it connect to the wireless hotspot on my phone, and bring in the mail, so it would be ready for me when I was ready for it. Then I made a pot of coffee, fed and walked my boy, and after that the both of us sat out on the back deck enjoying the quiet of the morning, and I gave my whole day over to my higher power and made the decision to simply do the very best I could do and not sweat what I couldn’t do anything about.

I remembered having read, The Four Agreements, and I remembered it having said “Always do your best” and that it went on to explain that our best would change from day to day according to our varying circumstances.

I told myself that this was the way of it for my work. I reminded myself that there were going to be incredibly productive days, and there were going to be days when it all went to heck before I ever sat my feet on the floor, and I decided that I was going to work harder to practice my faith in that I would remember the simple meditation of…

“I am the river; Mother Father God are the bank.

The bank guides me and I am to go with the flow sat before me.”

Now, I say to you, allow yourself to realize that not every day is going to be filled with productiveness and promise. Remember, that you are only able to do what you can do, and when your circumstances change you must take the time to learn about the new things, give yourself room to grow, and don’t sweat that which you can do nothing about.

Have a great day and remember that in the end it is up to all of us to make it that way.





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