AUTHORS, THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN: apprehensive by author Butterfly Thomas

AUTHORS, THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN: apprehensive by author Butterfly Thomas

Good afternoon campbellsworld visitors.

Today in the Authors, They’re Only Human column, author Butterfly Thomas shares with us a bit of apprehension in what I think is a moving, talented, and rather constructive way.

I’d like to invite you to keep reading once you’ve enjoyed her piece to learn all about her wonderful work.

I’ve got her book on my High Priority TBR list and am going to be reading and reviewing it soon.

In the meantime here’s Butterfly and her offering for today.







Well hello.  I want to get this down on paper so I can release these feelings.  I have been given some new responsibilities at work that are a little daunting.  I’m apprehensive about what I have to do and about not being able to succeed at this undertaking.  I was reassured if my efforts failed, I would not be to blame as others have failed before me and these tasks are so major.  However, I want to exceed expectation, I want to be better than great.  I want to release my apprehension, and flourish in this new responsibility.  And I will.






by Butterfly Thomas / C 2018 / 402 pages in print

In e–book ($3.99) and print ($15.95) from Amazon and other online booksellers

Cover, free text sample, and author bio:

The author is on Facebook at Tasha Hubbard J


Shya’s dying mother tasked her with taking care of her younger brothers, and the girl is trying hard to do just that. But it doesn’t take long for the reader to learn that Shya is doing a lot more than being a loving, attentive sister and attending college.  She’s also working as a high end escort under her stepfather’s control.

As the stepfather’s demands increase, Shya sees no choice but to kick up her plan to squirrel away enough money to win custody of her brothers. Little does she know that one brother is doggedly pursuing the escape of drugs, while the other is being bullied and hopes to escape everything—permanently. More tragedy ensues as Shya gets caught stealing from the wrong person.

Can she save her family with bodies dropping all around her and a killer closing in? Will she lose everything for the pursuit of money? Can she keep her head held high in the face of so much adversity?

Read this fast–paced urban thriller to find out.





  1. butterflythomas Reply
    April 26, 2019

    Thank you for posting. I am hoping that the writing down of these feelings will allow me to release them so that they flutter away like leaves on the breeze.

    1. May they blow away with the wind. And come to an abrupt end. 🙂

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      1. butterflythomas Reply
        April 28, 2019

        Thank you, I have released all but the dregs hiding and peeking around the corner LOL

        1. Ooo girl! Sweep away those last dregs and be sure you’re going to do well.

          1. butterflythomas
            April 28, 2019

            Done and done, I speak complete success into existence 🙏🏾

          2. So mote it be.

  2. butterflythomas Reply
    April 26, 2019

    Let me try to go back to sleep LOL 😴🦋🦋

    1. Hi butterfly. I wish you luck with that. I actually slept until a decent hour today. Miracle!

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