AUTHOR’S CORNER: Pampered Pet Part 5 Kid Dog Brother Charlie Speaks

AUTHOR’S CORNER: Pampered Pet Part 5 Kid Dog Brother Charlie Speaks

Good morning campbellsworld visitors and dog lovers one and all.

This morning we’ve a very special guest in to talk with us about their experience of being adopted.

If you’ve been following author Trish Hubschman’s ‘Pampered Pet series’ you’ve already met dog sister and brother Hope and Charlie.




You also know that sadly, dog sister Hope has left to go onto the Rainbow Bridge.




Now, here in this heartwarming tale not to be confused with tail kid dog brother Charlie tells all about what it was like to come home from the Bide-A-Wee shelter with his big dog sister Hope and human family.

Now, before I totally tear up and end up with wet keyboard syndrome, here’s Charlie.










It was kind of like The Dating Game or Love Connection!  Me, Arnie and Wes  were the bachelors, or rather, the brother candidates, and Hope was the lady picking out the guy of her dreams.  That was me. Yippee!


Hey, don’t get me wrong, I had nothing against this Bide-a-wee shelter I was in. I had my own pen, got two square meals a day, and got to hang out with the gang in the corral. Arnie and Wes were my buddies.  I know they’d get adopted eventually.  Now, I had my very own family.  I was going home with the Humans and I was going to be Hope’s brother.  How cool was that?


Oh boy, I froze when I saw this big house with a living room, kitchen, bedrooms, den, dining room.  Wow!  I didn’t know what to say.  Heck, I didn’t know what to do.  So I didn’t say or do anything, well, that was until they locked me behind bars in this dumb cage.  That I didn’t like. I wasn’t going to stand for it! Well, I did enough barking and whining that they finally sprung me.  I got to sleep in the bedroom with my new big sis and the folks.


In time, I learned the routine. Hope was the boss.  I was supposed to listen to her. She was a great teacher, though a bit strict.   Hey, I was only a puppy and I drew the line at some points.  I had my priorities.  Fun, food, and sleep were at the top of my list and in that order.


I loved chasing Hope around the  big backyard. I’m pretty sure she liked it too.  I remember this one time in particular.  It was the last time too.    I picked up speed, so did Hope. She was barking away. Hey, at least I knew exactly where she was at all times.  Anyway, the barking suddenly stopped. What was going on? Holy cow!  Oh no!  Oh no!  Hope had cashed crashed head-on into a tree. Tears ran down my face as I raced to her.  The human folks were by her side too. Hope was still standing.  There was no blood and her skull hadn’t been smashed in. I think I finally breathed.  “You okay?” I asked her.  She didn’t answer me. I asked again.  Finally, she looked at me. I swear, her eyes looked dazed, but I guess that holds to reason.  Suddenly, she started running again and barking.  Human mom chuckled.  “I think she wants you to chase her some more, Charlie,” she said.  I looked up at her.  Was she nuts? I might have just hurt my big sister!  Abruptly, I turned and stalked off in the other direction. I plopped down in a dark, cool place behind a tree by the fence and laid my head down on my paws. I was pouting.


A few minutes later, I heard Hope barking to go inside the house. Nobody bothered with me. I’d go inside when I was ready.


When it came to food, it was every dog for themselves.  Well, I don’t think I was quite that bad!  Hope wasn’t a breakfast eater. The humans didn’t seem to realize that.  She didn’t like dry food either.  I’d gladly eat three meals a day, dry, moist and wet.  Sometimes, when Hope walked away from her breakfast dish, I felt it my duty to help myself to the remains. Hey, I couldn’t let good food go to waste.  Hope knew what I was going to do if she walked away, so sometimes, even if she had no intention of eating her meal, she’d remain sitting by the dish, so I couldn’t get her food. Hey, that seemed   selfish and silly for her to guard her food. She didn’t want it so what was the big deal if I ate it?  “You’re not getting anymore, Charlie,” Human Dad would tell me. “Since Hope’s not going to eat it, no one gets it.” And he’d bend over and pick the dish off the floor. Both Hope and I looked at him stunned.


And then there was the sleeping arrangements, at night, we had our own beds on the floor on different sides of  the  bedroom.  Sometimes, I’d start out on a blanket beside Hope’s bed or she’d sleep on the floor beside my bed.  During the day, we both liked to hang out on the humans bed pressed up close against each other.    I felt safe and cozy that way. I bet Hope did too.


Oh jeez, I could go on for hours with stories about me and Hope, but Human Dad just called me for dinner.  Can you believe I almost forgot it was five o’clock? Gotta go.


***FYI to learn more about the shelter where Hope’s kid brother Charlie came from please visit:







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  1. Charlie says: Hey folks, can you believe this is my first time speaking publicly. Hope I did okay. Thanks Miss Patty and Mr. Campbell. It was so much fun just saying what’s on my mind and, you know what else, I’m getting another chance to do it. The next story is still by me. It’s called More by Charlie. Hope everyone continues tuning in.

    1. Hi Charlie! Miss Patty here. King Campbell is still at the veterinarian. So I’m filling in for him right now. But we are really glad to have you on the blog. And you are welcome back anytime. Have an awesome day.

    2. Charlie, King Campbell here, I’m finally back from that noisy V*T and am so glad to see you here.

      Cannot wait to read your next story.

  2. ah jee, thsanks, brother Campbell. I’m, so honorfed to be here. Love CDharlie

    1. Hi Charlie. You and your human mom are doing great.

  3. we arfe doing tfhis fof Hoipe.

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