AUTHOR’S CORNER: My Battery-Operated Phone

AUTHOR’S CORNER: My Battery-Operated Phone

Abbie asks a fun question in today’s post. My answer, A remote control airplane. I wanted one but obviously my parents foresaw what might happen. I obviously didn’t. LOL.

When I was older I bought myself one and it wasn’t cheap. I promptly crashed it into a window, which I had to pay for. So, turns out my parents were pretty smart. LOL. What about you? Read the post, see what I’m talking about and answer Abbie’s question.via My Battery-Operated Phone


  1. Goodness! I didn’t think it was possible to crash a phone into a window. I’m glad that didn’t happen to any of my phones. Thanks for the re-blog.

    1. LOL every read that again. See if you can find your mistake. I didn’t crash a phone into the window. Look at what I said I wanted, that I didn’t get it, that I bought myself later. That’s what I crashed into the window. If you can’t see it, let me know. I’ll clue you in. 🙂

      1. Patty, I’m sorry. It just says here that you bought yourself one when you were older and you crashed it into a window that you had to pay for. If it wasn’t a phone, then I’m guessing it was a car or a bike. That would make more sense.

        1. Well, crap. I am going to have to edit that. It didn’t copy right.


          Hang on. Dang it! Just one more weird thing happening today.


          Fixing it now.

  2. Reblogged this on Campbells World and commented:

    Gremlins got me and the first portion of my greeting didn’t post.
    So thanks to Abbie, who is a magnificent writer with lots of great published works, I learned that and am now reblogging the whole thing again.
    Please, don’t pay any attention to me though, just go, visit Abbie’s blog, answer her question in the comments section and then pick up one, two, or all her awesome books.

    1. Well, as I’ve said before, technology is like a spouse. You can’t live with it; you can’t live without it. No worries.

      1. Day technology is driving me crazy. My Siri app is not working correctly, and I didn’t know how much I used it until it stopped. LOL.

    2. Now this makes more sense. I never would have thought of a remote controlled airplane. It wasn’t something I wanted. Thanks.

      1. When I was younger, I had some vision. Just enough to be dangerous really, but enough to know that the planes look beautiful flying in the sky. Of course remote control planes weren’t as fancy or capable of so much as they are now, but I wanted one just the same. So when I got old enough, and had my own money, I bought one, and oil. LOL.

      2. I always wanted remote control cars too. LOL.

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