AUTHOR’S CORNER: Kanabec Times Features Children’s Author Tammy Frost and Her Book Fay and the Rainy Day

AUTHOR’S CORNER: Kanabec Times Features Children’s Author Tammy Frost and Her Book Fay and the Rainy Day

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Children’s author Tammy Frost has shared a fabulous article with me and I’d like to take a moment to share it here with all of you.

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Kanabec Times


Blind author’s faith spreads sunshine during rain By Linda Gallagher Feb 17, 2019 Author Tammy Frost

shares her children’s book, “Fay and the Rainy Day.”

By Linda Gallagher | Times

The first things you notice about Mora author Tammy Frost is her calm %demeanor, easy smile and


Born blind and becoming hearing impaired in her late 20’s Frost hasn’t let these obstacles impede her

ambition to pursue writing. Encouraged at a young age by her devoted parents, she was taught early

that she could accomplish anything a sighted person could if she worked hard enough. Frost credits her

faith for sustaining her throughout the many storms in her life.

Frost was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois, went on to study history and special education at Hope

College in Michigan. She has worked with developmentally challenged adults in day programs as well as

served as a teaching assistant and social worker.

Frost moved to Minnesota after meeting her husband, Stanchfield native, Clarence Frost Jr. at a guide

dog training session in 1996 in Michigan and the couple married in 1999. Frost spent several years

working at the Oakland Area Learning Center in Cambridge as a career counselor. The couple then

moved to Mora in 2012 where the Frost family lives within walking distance to downtown Mora and

easy access to most businesses.

They enjoy living in Mora and said, “the people are nice and friendly, it’s a good place to live.”


Tammy writes using a Braille Sense device.


Linda Gallagher | Times

Frost started writing as a teenager putting her thoughts and reflections down in braille. She currently

uses a Braille Sense device that types electronically in braille with an area that the sentence would

appear in braille.

A few years ago Frost started entering writing contests for the blind and won a contest in August 2017

and took second prize of $1,000. The Frosts’ used the prize money for new living room furniture.

The inspiration for Frost’s children’s book titled “Fay and the Rainy Day” was inspired by Frost’s faith as

well as living with three cats and one large dog who are not fans of thunderstorms. She had an idea for a

children’s book that would address a faith based perspective about stormy days. She wanted to convey

another story, something other than thunder is God bowling or the angels are moving furniture that

many children are told. The story is about a calico kitten named Fay and her mama Daisy Mae. Fay is sad

because it is raining and she cannot go out to play. Daisy Mae explains why God sends the rain and

shows Fay ways to enjoy their time inside.

The process of self publishing was helped along by Frost’s cousin David Stomberg, a magazine publisher

in Texas, who was able to help guide her through the publication process. Finding a talented yet

affordable illustrator was not an easy task for Frost but with help from Stomberg they were able to find

a good fit in Olsi Tola, halfway around the world in Albania. Frost assembled a team of great nieces and

nephews, friends and educators for input on visualizing what the illustrations would be on each page as

the story flowed and Tola used the suggestions to create the illustrations that pull the book together.

When not writing Frost enjoys reading, listening to music, knitting, crafts, gardening and cooking. She is

also working on companion activities related to the book that will soon be available through Frost’s Faith

Foundation including children’s crafts, recipes for parents and children to make together and ideas for

Sunday school teachers at


“Fay and the Rainy Day” is available for sale through Amazon or locally in Mora at the Crystal Bar and

Grill, Ace Hardware and Zimmermann’s.


*** Patty back to say, I hope Tammy will share some of her companion activity adventures here with us. I don’t know about you but I’m always interested to know what authors I like are up to.

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CN-Dec 11, 2018

By: Tammy Frost


This faith-based children’s book tells the story of calico kitten Fay and her mama Daisy Mae. Fay is sad because it is raining,and she cannot go out to play. Mama explains why God sends the rain and tells Fay why, with God, we should not fear the rain or anything in life. Then mama finds fun things for them to do inside. This is a wonderful story for children to share with their parents.



Tammy Frost was born in June 1965 in Peoria, Illinois. Tammy’s interest in writing began in her teen years. However, she did not publish her first book until 2018. Tammy is a lifelong Christian and her poems, stories and now books reflect her faith. Tammy was born blind and became severely hearing impaired in her late twenties. Her faith has sustained her throughout the many storms in her life. Tammy was encouraged by her devoted parents, Allen and Mary Lovell, to do anything she wanted to do in life. They taught her that she could do anything a sighted person could do if she tried and wanted to do it badly enough. She attended Hope College, where she studied history and special education. Fay and the Rainy Day is Tammy’s first published work. In addition to writing, Tammy enjoys reading, listening to many types of music, knitting and other crafts, gardening and cooking. Tammy lives with her husband, Clarence Jr., three cats and one large dog in rural Minnesota. Tammy is founder of Faith Foundations Publications.




author page


link to purchase book




Contact Tammy:



foundations publications.


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