AUTHOR’S CORNER: Guest Author Carol Taylor #Author#Blogger#Essay#Family#Food#Dogs

AUTHOR’S CORNER: Guest Author Carol Taylor #Author#Blogger#Essay#Family#Food#Dogs

Good morning again campbellsworld visitors.

We open this week’s Author’s Corner with a fabulous guest.

We have here with us, none other than the famous author blogger CarolCooks2. Yes, that’s right. It’s Carol Taylor, live and in person right here in our very own Author’s Corner.

Way back in June, she answered my call to action request for guest authors, and not only did she answer, but she, like Sally Cronin took my questionnaire and wrote an essay for me to share with you.

So, without further delay I give you, Carol.

*&$%^ Hold on! Wait! King Campbell here, please excuse the interruption. My human mother who is very smart, is also very forgetful. She has forgotten to introduce a most important guest who appears here with Human Carol.

So, before we read this awesome essay, please let me introduce Dog Saangchai who is here with his human mother.

Now, we can get on with the show.


I now live in sunny Thailand and have done for the last 8 years…I live with my husband, my son and his wife and their two children and Saangchai…Stray dogs are a problem here as they are in many other countries and we chose to open our home to a Soi Dog and give him a forever home…Saangchai started life on the streets and was rescued by a brilliant organisation called Soi Dogs…Saangchai hasn’t been an easy dog and we were warned to forget any ideas we had about dogs as pets as Thai Dogs are different…Pffff I thought…A dog is a dog…RIGHT?

Saangchai 2017


WRONG!…Saangchais name means “Happy Heart” and we chose not to change it…From the moment he arrived in our home he attached himself to me …That meant that none of my friends were allowed in the house he was very verbal about that…I applied all the normal kindness and logic I knew about dogs…None of it worked…I still have my friends as they also have Soi Dogs so were au fait with his teething problems…

saangchai chewing bone at the blue house


Desperate measures were called for…The Flip Flop…I only have to show him or bang it on the floor in front of him and he listens…My friends are now allowed in although he takes time to warm to any new friends…But best to ignore him and he comes round in his own time…

He is a lovely boy and as he spent his first few months of life on the streets it could not have been easy and he was badly beaten before he was rescued…He responds better to a quiet voice and kindness…He knows my different quiet voices and is most of the time obedient for me…Not always for the men in my life…Haha…He knows who is boss in the house…

I self motivate although if I start researching I get involved and that is my nemesis…But I started writing late in life… when I retired I want to get as much done as I can in my time left which I hope is a long time yet but who knows…

Music I love…anything from the classics to the modern so to pick a favourite is very hard…The same applies to movies…I love anything from Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman to films with a message that make me think…I don’t like horror films and gore just for the sake of it although I do like the old Hitchcock films and Dracula…I am bit of a sci-fi fan though…

Books …Well I love a good autobiography and have always loved a good reference book…nerdy…at times…But a good thriller I also love…Not a love story fan…I like a book with substance…I also love the classics and couldn’t pick one out of my list … Unless it is Spike Milligans Poems which I love…On The Ning Nang Nong…my kids loved that bedtime poem…I do have a somewhat quirky personality and some strong views sometimes…But Hey Ho…What you see is what you get with me…

I love food and again to pick a favourite…Chillies, fish, rice, herbs and fruit in any combo…I love good bread, I love good cheese I also love fudge…

My favourite quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt “ I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday” which I think sums me up perfectly. Are you sure you really want to know my pet peeves?

I could write war and peace on my pet peeves…haha…Do not dig the butter, scrape it nicely, put anything you use back where you got it from, suck your crisps, put the lids back, and squeeze the toothpaste properly, do not swear…Ummmm I could go on but don’t want to bore anyone…

My best strength is I can isolate myself the same when I am reading…I don’t hear anything going on around me when I am in the zone…Likewise my research can distract me because one thing leads to another and before I know it so my little timer is my best friend…

Who doesn’t want a best seller…I am just happy when one of my peers who I look up to…give me some praise or recognition…I have a particular friend and she has never once said that was good or well done…I know she is a journalist but she never praises anyone especially me and yet another person who just happened to be an editor of the Wall Street journal absolutely slated me when I first started writing(he scared) me but I stood up to him and said that I was so happy to be writing that I just wrote and wrote and didn’t think about the grammar…He was however very good at critique and it was valuable to me and my writing however at a later date and after a few critiques from him I finely got some praise and that meant so much to me…I write because I enjoy putting words and thoughts to paper and that is all really anything else is a bonus…But yes a best seller would be great…haha

I can be contacted by e-mail initially/skype or phone on request…Work offers would be lovely…

That’s all from me…I am a WIP but that’s ok…Life gets in the way sometimes…But I can focus when I need to…xxx

*Carol Photo*



Carol is a contributor to the Phuket Island Writers Anthology:

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  1. Carol is a wonderful person and I love Saangchais. I love reading about her experiences inThailand.

    1. Hi Darlene, thank you for reading and for commenting. I appreciate it. I enjoyed her posts too.

    2. Awww..Thank you so much, Darlene the first supporter of my blog…I loved your interview by the way… 🙂 xx

  2. Thank you so much, Patty and King Campbell for letting me loose…I hope I did your questions justice and didn’t waffle too much my mouth gets ahead of my brain sometimes and I admit I talk like I write it just spills worth…Enjoy your day…:) xxx

    1. Hi Carol.

      It was a pleasure to have you. I too write like I talk, and talk like I write, and I and others enjoyed you mightily.

      You did more than well, and we’d be honored to have you again sometime. You’re welcome to submit short stories, recipes, pieces about your every-day ramblings, or anything else you’d like for our guest column.

      I’m wanting to start adding more posts to that section to my blog and will be putting out a more urgent call for it soon.

      Thanks again for coming into our world and for participating in the guest author interview.

      So far those guest author posts have generated great things for campbellsworld.

      1. Awww how lovely and thank you, Patty and King Campbell…Hugs xxx

        1. Hello Carol and Saangchai. It was our pleasure to have you in campbellsworld and we hope you won’t be a stranger there. We also hope your readers will come over, read the post and comment in campbellsworld so we can know what they think of our interviewing. We especially love that you chose to take the questions we sent and use them as writing prompts and write an essay rather than just answering the questions straight out. While we love doing “interviews” getting to read and essay someone has written by using our questions as prompts is a real treat because we then get to see their writing ability and style. Yours was exceptionally fine. Thanks again and have a great day. Drop in any time.

          1. Thanx Campbell…woof…and to your mistress who sounds like a lovely lady …I wouldn’t growl at her…Woof

          2. Hi.

            King Campbell here. You can call me Bubba if you like. That’s my nickname made of love my human mother gave me.

            I know you wouldn’t growl at her. I know you’re a good dog like me and we would have such fun. We would if we could do it raid the frig together.

          3. Ok, Bubba …I am good most of the time …woof although I did get told off tonight…My mum was having a sundowner and I just put my head under her arm …But then my little master was playing ball and I moved quick and her drink went everywhere..woof…I made a quick exit bubba..pronto..woof …

          4. Whoopsy! My tail does things like that. I cannot hardly ever control its wagging, and it always seems to spin round and round no matter what I do with it.

            Not long ago early in the morning I came flying up to momma for a morning snuggle, I mean it had been all night since I’d seen her because I fell to sleep in my crate, and I knocked over her coffee. Now let me tell you if your human drinks coffee they are very picky about that stuff and my momma didn’t yell or nothing but I beat a hasty retreat out of there till she had it cleaned up and got another cup of it.

            I’ve tasted it once just to see what all the fuss was about and to be honest it wasn’t work the correction I got for putting my nose into mom’s cup.

            I’d much rather have a hamburger.

          5. Yeah..not just me then and nah,,No coffee my mum doesn’t drink it…I do like piece of cheese though…I don’t like carrots though or apples but I love chillies but then I am a Thai dog so spose I should really…Laters Its bed time now …

          6. Well it’s naptime here. So I’m going to snooze a while. Mom just got out of the bathtub. Do you these humans take lots of baths.

            Get Outlook for iOS


  3. Reblogged this on Retired? No one told me! and commented:
    Thank you so much to Patty and King Campbell for letting me spread the word about Soi Dogs and their wonderful work and for giving me some time to talk and answer Patty’s questions … Enjoy !

  4. Lovely to see Carol over here with a post, Patty. I am just like Carol, once I have my nose in a good book, I don’t hear anything at all around me. I also just write and write although I do worry about grammar and spelling. Sometimes I muddle UK and US spellings because my computers both auto correct to US spelling.

    1. Hi Roberta.
      Thanks for reading and for commenting.
      Spelling can be a bit of a problem for me as I listen to a lot via audio and have lost some skill.
      I think all of us have issue with spelling and grammar and that’s why editors are so important.
      I had someone write me once though and correct my spelling of “wondrous.” They said it was spelled “wonderous.”
      Both are correct, and they didn’t realize that my editor was in NZ and was using that spelling.
      I for one enjoy the different spellings and have taken to a few of them.
      I say write…write…write… and though we must do some corrections the first thing is to get it all out.
      Thanks again!

    2. It seems that we have a few things in common, Robbie…I have learnt to leave it to the end otherwise I keep going back and correcting and then I don’t get very far forward.. Thank you for popping over Robbie 🙂 x.

      1. Hi.

        I tend to polish and re-polish chunks of my writing before I can move onward.

        I used to write all the way to the end but I find now I like to do about ten or so chapters at a time and then go on after I’ve redone them a couple times. Makes for slower work but better results in the end. At least for me.

        1. Maybe I should try that as doing it chapter by chzpter reslly slows you down.. Just if I think something needs..

          changing I go bzck and I know I really shouldn’t …
          Good idea Patty

          1. I am not sure how I got into the habit of doing it that way.

  5. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine and commented:
    Patty Fletcher has a great series of interviews on her blog that she shares with her Seeing Eye Dog Campbell.. This week her guests were our own food expert Carol Taylor and her canine sous chef Saangchai, a rescued street dog. Find out more about Carol and what makes her tick and follow her blog for some of the best Thai recipes you can find.. thanks Patty…hugs to you both.

  6. Excellent posts this week as always Carol.have reblogged Patty’s interview and shared the others.. great job…hugsxx

    1. Well done Patty loved the interview and a great series…hugs x

      1. Hi Sally.

        Thank you for reading and for your complement. This has brought so many wonderful people over to my blog and is allowing me to get to know them in a personal way.

        I hope to have more in the future.

        I’m all caught up now.

        1. Great Patty and good job on the posts.. very interesting for us all..hugsx

          1. It’s fun.

    2. Hi Sally.

      I see your reblog. Thanks. I’ll come over in a moment and say hi.

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed reading more about Carol’s life in Thailand. <3

    1. Hi.

      Glad you enjoyed this.

      1. Thanks Patty 🙂

        1. Sure thing.

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