AUTHOR’S CORNER: French Silk Pie (Fiction)


  1. Thank you for the re-blog, Patty. If you have a Perkins in Kingsport, you should definitly go there sometime and have a slice of their French silk pie. It’s soft and silky, just like Bernadette says at the end of my story.

    1. Hi Abbie.

      We do have a Perkins, and I have had this pie. It is quite good.

      I’ve not eaten there in a while. Might just have to take myself out for Mother’s Day if I can manage to afford it.

      As always, happy to reblog you.

  2. I hope you can afford to go there. It would be a nice treat, which you deserve.

    1. Well, maybe when one of my clients who pays monthly pays, if I’ve managed to do every-thing else I’m supposed to do by then.


      Still got to pay lawn bill.

  3. heahtmonster Reply
    May 7, 2019


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