AUTHOR’S CORNER: Colette McCormick is my Uncomplicated Guest Author


  1. I enjoyed this article, Patty.

    1. Hi Roberta.

      Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for coming back here to let me know.

  2. Roberta, thanks so much for visiting Patty and for the comment about Colette’s post on my blog. Appreciated. xx

    1. Hi Jane.

      Glad to be able to share you work again.

      Seems now that I’ve got a new computer and decent internet I’m back in business with your blog.

      1. Good news, computers can drive us nuts. Mine went on the blink and I got an update and now it is OK, touch wood. Life had been odd for us all so I hope you are keeping well. Take care. x

        1. Touching wood with you.


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