AUTHOR’S CORNER: Catching Up With Ernest Dempsey #Blogger#RTS#WordMatters

AUTHOR’S CORNER: Catching Up With Ernest Dempsey #Blogger#RTS#WordMatters


Hello everyone and happy Saturday.

As you know I’ve had some computer issues of late and so have not been blogging nearly as much.

Although I have found other ways of sharing things I must say it’s good to be able to get back onto my blog.

This morning in an effort to catch up some of what I’ve missed I’ve been reaching out to those I work with and have requested URLS to articles from the last month or so that I may have missed sharing onto my blog.

Ernest Dempsey of Recovering the Self a Journal of Hope and Healing and Word Matters wrote back and asked I share the following links with you.

As you’ll see these lead to a variety of topics ranging from mental healthcare physical healthcare, homecare and a few more in between.

I hope you enjoy and if you should visit please do let Ernest know from where you heard of him.

Thanks and if you like, please feel free to share.


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Runs of Life – Ernest Dempsey’s Poems

Author, editor, and blogger Ernest Dempsey’s new collection of poems has been published in a chapbook titled Runs of Life. Published by the Loving Healing Press of Ann Arbor, MI, this collection has themed poems coming mainly from personal memories of running—out of simple play and childhood fun time, at times for safety, or even in dreams.

Elizabeth Knight, Writing and Literature Instructor, Portland Community College, reviews Dempsey’s poems as:

“Ernest Dempsey’s dear little book on running is full of surprises. His earnestness about running both delights and transforms into potent metaphor…. just not the ones you might expect. This is a sweet and generous heart… one that runs into darkness and manages to bring back joy.”

You can order your copy of Runs of Life from Barnes & Noble at



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