Author J Franklin Payne Returns With An Excerpt From His Book Thread #Author’sCorner #WordPressWednesday

Author J Franklin Payne Returns With An Excerpt From His Book Thread #Author’sCorner #WordPressWednesday

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Recently in the Featured Author of the Week J Franklin Payne #WordPressWednesday

section, we met and began to get to know, author J. Franklin Payne and his book Thread.

Today, he is back to share a bit of the book with us.

Hello Readers of Patty’s World.

I’m happy to be returning to you with an excerpt of Thread for your reading enjoyment.

In my book, I write about Corporate Corruption in 1976, San Francisco. It was out of control but what is happening now in 2021, is insane. Just like what Kyle Stone had to do. He was given the mission of getting the goods on a Senator by using sex to entrap him. Kyle then gave the tapes to the CIA to use to get him out of office. Read more in Thread, an amazing story.

Senator in Las Vegas

It did not take long to be sent back to the future as he was summoned to the docks again. He had not been there for a while, hoping that they had forgotten about him, but no, his presence was demanded. Kyle knew that his problems being over was a joke as he drove to the bay to take care of a problem David dropped in his lap. A smile did come to his face as he thought about Yvonne and what they had just shared. It was nice that a woman could make him feel excited again, even with all his problems.

Once upon the ship, he said, “Hey, Gary, have you seen Bossman?”

“Hey there, Kyle, I thought maybe you made it off the ship, you know, one of the lucky ones?”

“I wish. However, I’ve been summoned.”

“I saw him in the wheelhouse a few minutes ago.”

“Thanks, let me go see what this is all about.” He met with Bossman who was the one who asked for him to show up.

“What’s up, Bossman? Been a while since I have seen or heard from you,” Kyle said.

“Yeah, I bet you thought we forgot about you? Well, that is not the case. We have a job for you.”

“Another job?” Kyle asked.

“I thought I was done on the docks?”

Bossman said, “You are. The job is in Vegas.”

“Las Vegas? Why in the hell do I have to go there?” Kyle said, sounding irritated at the news.

“Well, we’re not done with you, and you will meet with my boss in Vegas, and he will give you the details of what we want you to do.”

“Okay, when do I have to leave?”

Kyle did not want to go. His feelings for Yvonne were getting stronger, and he wanted to spend more time with her, not less.

Bossman said, “You’re expected to arrive on Friday night, and you’ll be going to Caesar’s Palace. You have a reservation. Check-in and you will be contacted. Listen, Kyle, if you do well, there is the possibility you could be released from the Family. I said possibility, and I have given you a good word to my boss. Do not make me regret it. Here, this is for you, a little something for the good work you have been doing.” Kyle took the envelope.

“How much is in here?”

“It is $15,000. It is not all just work here. We do award those who do as we say and do it well.”

“Well, I guess thanks. I really want out of this mess. Sorry, but I am tired of not being in control of my life even though it seems I screwed that up also. Thanks, Bossman. I’ll catch you later or never if I am lucky.” With that, the two men shook hands, and Kyle was on his way again to another adventure.

Sitting by the large pool, watching all the beautiful people enjoying themselves, it seemed like he was on a different planet. This one was full of laughter and frolic as those were in every sort of bathing suit. Some looked like they had nothing on, as they surrounded the pool, enjoying the cool water on such a hot day. Kyle wondered what they would want from him this time. He hoped it was not as boring as the job on the docks, loading and unloading God knows what. Just then, a hand fell on his shoulder.

“Are you Stone?” the man in a striped suit said.

Kyle turned around to look at the voice he heard and could not make out his face with the sun shining so brightly and responded, “Yes, I heard you would be looking for me.”

“Well, it’s not me you are meeting with. Come on, he is waiting.”

Kyle followed along to the elevators up to the sixty-fifth floor and into this huge suite. Kyle thought why these guys always had the best. He thought of this because he had been offered to stay in the Family, be one of the lieutenants, live large just like he had seen these guys do. That thought was always in the back of his mind now, with the business he spent so many years building was in shambles. Why not chuck it all in and start over as a member of the Family?

“My name is Ralph. They call me Ralphie, Kyle, and I’ve heard good things about you from Bossman.”

“Thanks,” said Kyle, eager to hear what he had to say.

“We’ve a special assignment for you, one that may provide freedom for you if you should desire. Now, all this is based on how you complete this assignment so that we can call your debt paid or take the promotion you have been offered.”

It all sounded good to Kyle but all so scary with all the marbles on this one.

“Here is what you are going to do, and this type of assignment would normally be given to one of our seasoned members, but we want to see what you can do, and we believe you can accomplish the task. We have a senior senator coming into town who’ll be staying at this hotel. He’s made a lot of enemies, and those enemies want him out of power, and we need to take him out.”

“Take him out?” Kyle said, a little surprised.

“No, not what you are thinking. Take him out of the Senate. Shame him. How do we do that? Here’s the plan. Listen up,” Ralphie said. “You’ll plant cameras in his room before he gets there, cameras that’ll show everything he does in the room. Once he’s there, you’ll have a prostitute come to his room for his pleasure. You’ll have instructed the prostitute to ask certain questions that we’ll record, and she’ll hold out on the sex until the questions have been answered to our satisfaction.”

“How will we know, and how will we communicate with her?” Kyle asked.

“She’ll be wired, and you’ll be in a truck parked on the strip where you’ll be able to see and hear everything. Once we have the audio, she’ll continue with the nasty sex he wants, and we’ve been told he likes being dominated.”

Kyle just shook his head, what is with these powerful people? Kyle thought. They act all mighty in public, but when they get a chance to do what they really desire in private; it is usually something that makes them feel weak, and then throw in some nasty, and they’ll be coming back for more. The public puts these elected baboons on a pedestal, and really, they are so full of flaws, they must keep most of their lives secret from the public’s eye. The façade is so much better than the real thing.


My story as the author is similar to the story of the protagonist Kyle Stone, whose story is derived from life experiences. Those life experiences started upon losing my father to suicide at the young age of 9. After living with several families, the Army was calling as possible a good place to find a home for a few years. Commissioned as an Infantry Officer at 18, the youngest ever commissioned, served during the Vietnam war and could not wait to get back to civilian life. Now home building a business and starting a family, a future that was looking so great, as written in my book Thread, what followed was many years of betrayal, greed, corporate corruption, witchcraft, paranormal and more. Those years were the craziest in my life and totally unbelievable to anyone who knows of it.

In what seemed a different life, I spent many years in the entertainment business as a manager of rock starts and a concert and movie producer. Honored to be Producer of USO Entertainment, serving our military delivering the best entertainment to those deployed throughout the world. By producing a USO Show, it is not only selecting and negotiating with artists and management, formatting the show from music to comedy to dance, but it is also the logistics of traveling worldwide.

Throughout my travels, I saw so many sick or terminally ill children and wanted to do something to help them. I chose the magic of movies and Hollywood to reach out to those who were terminally ill and we would make them the Star of our movies. The results were amazing for these children, giving them a will to live again.

In looking back at my life, it only seemed necessary to write a book about the experiences, as unbelievable as they were, thus Thread has been published.


Thread: A Story Like No Other – Kindle edition by Payne, J Franklin. Literature & Fiction.

From Amazon…

Review Rating:

5 Stars – Congratulations on your 5-star review!

Good day, Question respectfully; if all reviews come back as 5 star, everyone raves about it and are amazed how brilliant the story and characters are,

a winner and best seller by everyone’s account, reads like a movie and they do not want to put it down, how do I get your attention to look closer?

The story of this businessman is so gripping that a reader will surely want to read it in one go. Also, the author’s style of writing is remarkable as

he surely knows when and how much to reveal and when to put on the veil straight till the end. You know your work is a hit when the reader falls in love

with the protagonist. Well! I have and I assume most of the readers too will. The coming of age of the protagonist and the plot built up around it is phenomenal.

Author J. Franklin Payne has crafted a highly entertaining and well thought out work of drama, which reads quickly but has plenty of content from cover

to cover. Many speculative elements, which were woven into a plot that is well-grounded, and therefore added to the tension and uncertainty even more.

The character development of Kyle Stone is particularly interesting and is intriguing to see how the effects of his time at war gave him fortitude for

the challenges that were to face him later in life. In terms of cohesion, one of the best features of the work is its dialogue, which not only gives the

cutthroat atmosphere of the boardroom world but also characterizes and delivers plot exposition in a snappy, direct fashion. Thread is a fascinating read

which will surely suit readers who love thriller novels with realistic protagonists.

Thread is my story, a family saga including The Family, a story like no other, encompassing the thriller and mystery sub-genres. Written for adults due

to its complex themes and tense moments, the protagonist of the piece is successful businessman Kyle Stone, whose early life is plagued by tragedy and

stark experiences of war. After this, his experiences in the business world become no less cutthroat, and the story progresses to show us all those who

would make life difficult for Kyle, and the clever ways in which he is able to overcome them. What results is an enigmatic thriller with plenty of surprises

and suspense.

A gripping novel that satisfies the cravings of crime novel fans with suspense, strong villains, and unforeseen twists

Thread by author J. Franklin Payne is an action-packed story about a successful entrepreneur named Kyle Stone and his descent from his idyllic life—his

wife, family, and profitable business—toward something more clandestine, more dangerous.

As past Producer of USO Entertainment and Master of Ceremonies, I have had a lot of life experiences working with the best Artists in the world and the

best Warriors in the world. Chosen as Top Veteran by the President, humbled by the selection.

Thread is a loosely written memoir of earlier years.

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